Saturday, 11 February 2012

Waking up to dream and nightmare,at the same time!

Here comes a feeling you thought you had forgotten.
Drifting into sleep and back to half-consciousness.
A face,a smile,a pair of curious yet non-judgmental eyes.
Never accuses me,never hates me,never demands an explanation.
That's why it's killing me.

This lump in my throat,hard to describe,
hard to swallow,
hard to vomit.
Just big enough to register its presence.
Maybe in its nascent stage now,
but I've a funny feeling that it'll grow bigger
and engulf my whole world some day.
Like a black shadow of some dark past,
carefully hidden but never really destroyed.

Guilt maybe?
Ah,that sounds mainstream,finally!
I'm feeling GUILTY.

This post is inspired from Fantabulous February-day eleven by Kanika on her blog Sensitive Chaos.I'm LOVING Fantabulous February! Join us and make it a success(not to suggest that it isn't a success already,:P).

On a somewhat different note,I've a good news to share with you all.Terence sir is finally bringing his ABCD(Any Body Can Dance) workshop level-I to Kolkata! I've been waiting for this workshop for a long,long time now! In fact,it was one of the most important reasons behind applying to B schools in Mumbai. I couldn't have woken up to a better news! Looks like 'Fantabulous February' is going to extend itself into 'Memorable March'.I felt a little bad when I couldn't go to DID auditions this time.My campus placements were going on back then.It's not about being selected,you know.It's about meeting so many like-minded people,it's about being a part of that infectious energy and contributing to it somehow. After that tragedy,this workshop provides me with a perfect opportunity to relive those dreams of mine.The workshop is basically on Indian contemporary and bolly hop.Bolly hop,I'm not so interested in.I've never really been a hip hop person but I can't wait for the Indian Contemporary classes!There's just the wee bit of doubt though.My semester is supposed to start in April.The workshop will be over by 8th April.So,if it clashes with my semester,...:-(
                     But I'd rather be optimistic

If you're in Kolkata too and would like to be a part of this workshop,call 89610 03425/03426/03427 or send a mail to venues- Shri Shikshayatan School and City Centre 1,Saltlake.
                         I was so happy that I decided to share these old pictures with you! These were taken at the Kolkata book fair.I had planned to do a post on the book fair and use these pictures over there but like I complained on Facebook and Twitter,I find Kolkata book fair losing its charm slowly but steadily ever since it shifted to Milan Mela from Maidan.These days,it looks like a family outing and DOES NOT inspire me at all! I love books anyway.So,I'll keep going there as long as I'm in Kolkata but it's just not worth blogging about.
                                                          The blouse was a b'day gift from my cousins.I love the happy blue! Couldn't think of a better colour than red to wear it with.I threw the yellow shrug on to maximise the effect.I'm still not over colour blocking,you see! And added the tan bag and nude pumps to balance the colours.
                                                                                                                                                   Hope everyone is having a great weekend.XOXO.


  1. Number one: I missed you. :P
    Number two: I deactivated my fb accounts, didn't keep tracks on whats up with your life. also, I was blissfully lost in myself.
    Number three: YOU JOINED TWITTER???!! *jumps around* how can I find you?! I could not have been more cheerful. I was about to plead you to join twitter and here you say you are already there. naaice. I am @TheDumbChick
    Number four: YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME??? MR.TERRENCE HOLDING UP A WORKSHOP HERE IN KOLKATA?????!! OHMAGOSH!! BEST NEWS EVER!! I think finally I will get to meet you in person ^.^ have you registered yet? If you are active in twitter.. please do try to connect. as I said, I missed you :P :|

  2. p.s: searched and found you in twitter. yay :D

  3. you look great in the last pic!

  4. You are right. Its better to be optimistic. Anyway I love your blue top and red pants! Following you:)

  5. love your color-blocking. great outfit. :)


  6. How exciting! My whole family is crazy about DID.. ardent fans of every singe episode!
    I hope you get to go to that workshop! :)

    1. Me too.Fingers crossed.Thanks for dropping by.

  7. Thanks to your posts, I have now decided to add "inspire someone to write poetry" to my bucket list. :)

  8. I loved watching Terence on T.V. I find him very creative, his choreography is like poetry in motion !
    Your outfit stands out- I loved the fact that you are experimenting with different contrasting colors . I too will try to take a cue from you and experiment with Color blocking soon!
    And as always, beautiful verses !

    1. Yeah,even I'm a huge fan! Please do try color blocking. It's much more fun than you can imagine,trust me!And post pictures on your blog.I can't wait to check them out!