Tuesday, 13 November 2012

An unfinished conversation...

And then she whispered,"there's a blissful indifference you feel while staring at the brightly lit decked up buildings from your pitch black room,a ring of smoke escaping your mouth." "Ah,so you've been smoking",his lips curl up into a sad half-smile. "A lot",she replies. "And I still feel strange. Every night,before going to bed,I shiver. It's not that cold yet and it's scary. And then,I wake up a few hours after midnight-my pussy throbbing and a stranger sleeping next to me. A stranger in his blanket of shame. A stranger I brought home after a few shots. A stranger who couldn't satisfy me. A stranger and his defeated manhood. I miss you. I do. I won't deny that. But I'm thankful to you for giving me my pain back. It's the only thing in this whole world that I can call my own. You were never mine to begin with,why go into that?
                                                           And with the heartbreak, the dreams have come back too. The myriad colours almost blinding me in my sleep. Life seems familiar,all of a sudden."
Maxi dress,cardigan,neckpiece-B.K.Market,gladiators-Metro Plaza,sling-Simpark Mall,earring-Emami,headband-Gariahat