Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Fantabulous February-day twenty eight

Don't tease me by spreading your hands like that when your departure is just a few minutes away.
I'm too shattered to enjoy your dark humour.
Not that I ever expected you to stay,
it's just that we ended too soon.

I had so much more to see,
and learn,
and feel,
and appreciate.

I was yet to be warm enough to survive my Winter without your embrace.
I was yet to be cold enough to survive my Summer without your shadow.
I was yet to be mature enough to see things through without your help.

I dare not say,'don't go'.
But I just request you not to make a fool out of me while you're on your way.
I'm thankful for the way you've shaped me up.
What was I but an ugly ball of mass?
I'm thankful for the way you've inspired me.
What was I but a fallen star with no direction?

I never thought I'd found you.
But when I did,
I knew we were to be one of the most talked-about things in the years to come.
A sense of belonging,a sense of security,
you,for me,were a picture of comfort.

You pushed me to the edge unforgivably,
but you were the first one to comfort me when I thought I had fared miserably.
It's only because of you that I learnt to shed fire instead of tears.

I'm not sad that our time is up.
Because 'not forever' makes it all the more interesting.
We shall be remembered...

Even talking about Fantabulous February makes me emotional. It's one of THE best things that have ever happened to me! So,I thought,instead of mourning it,I should take the initiative to extend it into 'Memorable March'.
Rules are simple. I'm not as dedicated as Kanika. Also,blogging daily was a little exhaustive for me. So,in 'Memorable March',you'll have to blog every Sunday,in stead of everyday. Since I'm no fancy photographer(I don't even have the eye to pick up a good picture from a bunch),my inspiration will be a little different. I'll post an expression((a word/two words/a sentence/a paragraph...)on Saturday night. You're welcome to interpret it your way. Do anything that the expression inspires you to do. Write a poem,do an outfit post,click an abstract picture,make a sketch and scan it and post it...do ANYTHING. Just try to explain why it meant what it meant to you,for the sake of the readers. I don't expect it to be as phenomenal a success as Fantabulous February,but even if one person other than me decides to write,I'll be humbled. Mail me the links to soumipaul07@gmail.com. I'll upload them along with my post on Monday.


  1. omg this poem took me to tears for some unknown reason. I can connect with this. just too good, I cant express in my words, maybe you read my mind. lol. anyways, am up for memorable march. would love to. and yeah, am not that regular blogger as well n I missed updating a lot of fantabulous february. too sad for that. anyways am waiting for march now. lets make it the best of all. ;)

    1. Awwwwwww...thank you so much! Your support,no matter how little,WILL ALWAYS BE APPRECIATED.

  2. What a lovely starting !
    Your poem reminds me of a song where the beloved asks -
    Where are those sweet Septembers?
    The joy my heart remembers ?
    Was it too beautiful to last ?
    Soumi, I enjoyed reading this a lot.

    1. And I enjoyed reading your comment,A LOT. Participate in Memorable March,will you? Please?

  3. Lovely post and I must say you have a gr8 sense of photography! Keep going!

    1. Must be the effect of your drool worthy delicacies,Rak. And this photo has nothing to do with me. Kanika(of Sensitive Chaos) posted it.

  4. teach me how you can get so creative every day! :O your dedication to these "fantabulous February" really inspires me..and these makes you so happy.. :) *hugs*