Sunday, 12 February 2012


I'll tell you someday,
when we both have walked down the path for a long,long time...
Long enough to forget our personal differences,
long enough to touch each other without feeling THE spark,
long enough to feel bad for each other,
long enough to look at your eyes without taking a tissue out,
long enough to forget the mistakes we made as teenagers,
in stead of pretending to forget.

Maybe then,maybe,
I'll tell you a secret.
A secret you deserved to know long ago
but I didn't tell you
because that was my way of taking revenge
for all the heartache you caused me,over the years,again and again.

Feel free to hate me then,
all over again.
Because I'd grow out of you,already.

P.S.This post is inspired from Fantabulous February-day twelve on Kanika's blog Sensitive Chaos.I'm late tonight,it's day thirteen already but I've been busy like anything! Good thing even she's busy and will update it today only.:P


  1. SHIT. This is exactly something I could send to someone right now. Very well expressed.

  2. written in a awesome way. #Newbie#Following.

  3. great!!!enjoyed your blog..

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  4. Sweety! Thanks for your comment. I added the google translator button on left side of my blog :) Thanks for remind me :))

    And for this post, it's so meanful! I loved this :)

    1. Thank you!Happy to be of help.;-)

  5. You have a beautiful way with words. I love reading your poetry.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

    1. The feeling is quite mtutal,Bonnie!I loved your pants!Only way I know how.:P

  6. ooh that is a really pretty poem!!

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