Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Everybody DESERVES to be born.
You did.
I did.
The smelly,naked child living in the shanty next to the Railway quarters did.
Osama Bin Laden did.
So did Saddam Hussain.

No matter how much we glorify mother,
I'd like to believe the nine months in that dark,meaty chamber was very much a horror for us.
Not that I was happy coming out,
but I knew I had earned it.
So did you,I guess.
And them.

No one DESERVES to be killed.
Though one might deserve to die.
And what if you cannot plan it as meticulously as you had wished?
You die once,and wait for a re-birth.

I'd rather be dead than planning my death.
Funeral disgusts me.
White nauseates me.
Black blackens me.

I'd die and wait.
Wait for you to take a leap,
to catch up with me.
And then,we'll die again.
Hand in hand,or intertwined,you choose.

Or maybe we'll live,
like the selfish blokes we've always been.
Using Mother Earth till we suck the last drop of blood out of her vagina.

Why,pray do we need to be such hapless romantics?
Let's keep stupidity for poets only.
You and I,Laden and Saddam,are people.
We make promises,break them,make them again and again.
We bid good bye only to grace the world with our venomous selves again.
We come back hungrier and angrier each time.
We don't die.
We take a break.

I am one of you,
but I'm still different.
That's why I don't kill without letting my eyes escape a drop of tear or two.
That's why I hesitate before kicking a poor beggar right where it hurts(his empty stomach,if you might).
That's why I feel a little uneasy having the dinner,knowing I've taken the same dinner away from so many hungry souls.
I am a sinner.
Only with a little conscience left,till now.

On this very day,I bid adieu.
Not to meet ever again.
Carry the torch of my sin.
My uneasy conscience,soldiers.
I leave my soul to the care of thee.
Do me a small favor.
Pray just once before setting that village to fire.
Smile just once before shooting that child in front of his mother.
Or look away just once before raping that mother in front of that child.
And I shall be grateful.

P.S.And with that,Fantabulous February comes to an end. I'm too emotional to make sense. My post must've given you an idea how carried away I got. But anyway,I,hereby,would like to thank Kanika for sucking all these posts out of me. She made me feel productive,and useful,and important after a long time. I bid adieu to Fantabulous February with a heavy heart for sure but ask for just a little space for Memorable March. It's an extension of Fantabulous February. But rules are a little different. Like I said yesterday,instead of blogging everyday,it's blogging every Sunday(I'm a lazy bum,like you must've known by now). I'll post inspiration of the week(word(s) or sentence(s)) on Saturday night and you will get the whole Sunday to write about it. Mail me the link to by the end of the day and I'll post your links along with my thoughts on Monday. Sounds simple,doesn't it?


  1. Loved this.......well done!!!!!!:-D

  2. I chuckled when I read your first paragraph:
    "Osama Bin Laden did.
    So did Saddam Hussain:
    but then again you are back to your dark writing mode from the next lines.. naaice ;)

  3. I have been reading all these fantastic Feb posts on your blog and am honestly amazed at the fact that you actually created such amazing lines of poetry out of just pictures. Magnifique :) Memorable March is such a brilliant idea,dunno if I'll be able to be a part of it (exams coming up),bt i'll try.
    Sorry i haven't been commenting on the individual ones,I forget to do so at times,but I was reading and I loved each and every one of them. This one and the one titled "I was scared. I've never seen colours so vibrant. ..." were my personal favourites.
    P.S._please remove the double word verification,if you can. Its really irritating having to type two words(I have a hard time figuring them).

  4. Soumi, you have saved the best for the last -
    This one was really an absorbing read till the last line. I was really consumed by it, totally ! Reading this piece made me feel as if I was expressing myself, my own self , instead of Soumi, the poet - this is your quality perhaps to ' own' the feelings of people like us and express them on behalf of us, on behalf of everybody, including Saddam and Osama, and mother Teressa too ! ( because everybody can't express themselves like this, or feel like this even, )
    A glorious end to fantabulous February!

  5. Happy Leap Year! =)

  6. That was intense. :O
    And even though I love your work, I'd be equally delighted to read something a little more cheerful from your side too, eh? :)
    And I am going to try my LEVEL best to take part in Memorable March. :)

    1. Thank you so much for your not-so-committal commitment to 'Memorable March',Ruhani!;-) I'd be delighted to have you on board! The more,the merrier,right? And regarding what you said,well,I've always had an uneasy relationship with happiness. That's why I always felt comfortable with darker topics. But I'll keep that in mind and do AT LEAST one happy post in the coming month. By the way,the first inspiration of the week will be out on 3rd March. DO check it out,will you?

  7. I so want to take part!! Unfortunately feb was a hectic month so I couldn't take part regularly and wrote just once but I guess my posts for Memorable March would be a little more regular.. And as far as that uneasy relationship with happiness is concerned, I'm one of those chaps too..
    A new follower on board..