Sunday, 7 December 2014

New beginning or the means to an end?

There can't be a better time to talk about new beginnings than December! Of course talking about new beginnings has special significance for me this December with the move to Indore. But then again, without taking any credit away from the new for all its positivism, why don't we talk about endings? How do we start something new if we don't end the old? This year has been a year of changes in more ways than one. I've changed so much throughout the year that I barely relate to the person I was when 2014 started. Most of the changes have come with heartbreaks in one way or the other but I learnt to be thankful for what I have instead of complaining about what I had to let go of. 2014 has been a year of disappointment, liberation, failure, self-realisation, loneliness, passion and of course, love. These are the things I'd always remember 2014 for-

  • Girls' Week Out- I've never been much of a traveler. Most of the times, I didn't have money, I didn't have anyone to travel with, I was stuck in my monotonous and hectic schedule...excuses are aplenty but this year, I finally took a trip to Gangtok with two of my best friends. And it was so liberating! Three girls travelling together, facing challenges of every kind and getting over them all, it was an experience I'd never forget.

This trip in itself deserves a separate post and I promise I'd get back with it without further procrastination.

  • First job- Well, it's over-hyped, it definitely is. Specially for someone who is working in an organisation that is far from her dream company , life can be pretty difficult. In addition to that, it doesn't even translate into a lot of money. But then, being able to pay your own bills gives you a sense of confidence that nothing else can match up to.

  • Moving to a new city- For someone so blindly in love with Kolkata, moving to a new city, that too, a city I've hated during my week-long stay there was pretty much unimaginable for everyone who knew me. Even I've surprised myself the way I handled the entire relocation. Guess it's easy to be calm and realistic when one gets used to disappointment.

  • Letting go of forever- My younger brother had shared a piece of wisdom with me long back. I was madly in love and since I wasn't in a relationship that had a so called destination, the love brought with it a lot of pain. It hurt him to see me in so much pain and still trying so desperately to hold on to it. So, he had told me that forever is ever changing. If this one feels right, it's not the last. It'd come again. I didn't want to believe him but this year taught me exactly that. Forever would keep coming even though it'd feel different every time. That doesn't make letting go any less painful but it's comforting to believe that this isn't the end of life.
Now that the end of 2014 is nearby, let me raise a toast to every beautiful moment this year has given me, the way it has broken me and put me back to shape...everything has made me stronger and braver. Thank you, 2014!
 And finally, it's time to unveil 'Sisters of the Travelling Pajamas'! It's a concept that one of my blogging idols Karishma had come up with. A group of bloggers from different cities formed a chain and each blogger had to send one piece of clothing/accessory to the next one in the chain and the one receiving it has to style it her way. I was lucky enough to receive her crop top and even though I had great plans to style it really high street with moccasins and oxblood lipstick, due to lack of resources, this is how I finally styled it-

Crop top- Karishma's, skirt, belt, shoes- B.K.Market, wristband- borrowed from Anu, bag- New Market, lipstick- Orange Punch by Colorbar

Picture Credits- Anu
I'll be back with the Gangtok post and the customary Indore guide post once I get a little time off all the cooking, cleaning, washing dishes and clothes, grocery shopping and all other side-effects of living alone. Till then, take care and keep it stylish.

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Never good at good bye...

There's a saying called kupamanduk or kuo-r bang in Bengali that means 'frog in a well.' Being born and brought up in one of the most charming cities in the entire world meant becoming a frog in a well in some sense or the other.I never left the city till a certain age and all my favourites started and ended in the city-my favourite phuchka or dosa or rolls or mishti or noodles or tandoori chicken, my favourite corner to read or think or take a long walk, my favourite place for second hand books, mojris, sarees, dress materials, thrifted stuff, accessories and what not. My city has always provided me with everything I have ever wanted(and more) and therefore, I never felt the need to leave this city.
     But life has a way of throwing us off the turf. During my orientation programme, I was required to travel to various locations and among the three locations that I had visited, if there was one place that I hated with a passion, it was Indore. The very vibe of the city depressed me, I hated the food, I had difficulties understanding their dialect, the work culture in the Indore office irritated me to no end and the list goes on. But ironically, I was chosen to operate out of the Indore office for two years by the Management. Given that the fellow Management Trainees were going to places like Haldia, Gandhidham, Mangalore and Patalganga, I was in pretty much the best possible location though. Besides, I don't like coming across as an inflexible person at work. So, there I was- packing my bags and leaving within three days of being back from Haldia.
                                                                                         The hardest part about leaving is having to say good bye. I'm bad at it. My tear glands betray me and no matter how much I swear not to cry, my voice chokes. I'm not a much-loved person but the few people I care for mean the world to me and vice versa. So, this time also, no matter where it took place, I could barely speak, my eyes welled up and before long, I knew I was getting ugly. But it didn't matter because the moment itself was beautiful and this beauty was beyond words. And then it ended. I left the city that meant everything to me and arrived in a new city where I knew no one. Pleasantries were exchanged, strangers were befriended and life moved on.

Sheer maxi skirt, crop top, ring- B.K.Market, cuff- New Market, neckpiece- Lindsay Street, gladiators- Shreeram Arcade lipstick- Orange Punch by Colorbar, nail paints- Pink Champagne by Maybelline

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Saree Saga '14- Part-III

And finally, with the festivities over and the damp, cold emptiness taking over all us Calcuttans(even though I'm not going to be one for long), all we are left with are memories. Happy memories, crazy memories, blurry memories...memories are aplenty. And it feels like this annoying hangover that doesn't encompass all your senses but stops you from focusing on anything else. Every time you look at a picture from those few days, you are filled with this bitter feeling of disappointment. You're mad that it got over so soon(but that's a complaint that Calcuttans always have, don't they?) and you're mad that you can't move on. The city is preparing itself for another set of festivities but by then, I'd be sitting in a distant city near Malwa plateau- missing the nip in the air in my favourite city, the monkey caps, the lazy sun, the family picnics, the lights in Park Street and the indomitable spirit of the city that just never, never dies.
                                                     Anyway, the Saree series comes to an end with this post. I'll leave you with the pictures while I prepare myself for the journey towards uncertainty.

Saree- mom's,blouse- bought from local shop due to emergency, cuff- New Market, chappal- Shreeram Arcade, earring-B.K.Market, bindi- local shop, lipstick- MAT4 Bold Matte by Maybelline 

Picture Courtesy - Pooja

Saree, blouse- Howrah Bridge, earring, ring- New Market, bindi- local shop, chappal(not seen in the picture)- B.K.Market, lipstick- Orange Punch by Colorbar

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Saree Saga '14- Part-II

The number of hits on the first saree post of this Pujo was motivation enough to write down the second post so soon. Since I'm done lecturing(and boring) you on the hollow side of our Pujo celebration these days(I'm pretty sure I pissed off quite a few in the process), I decided to make it up to those angry souls in this post and talk about the not-so-shallow side of those very means of celebration.
                 First comes the attire. Yes, no one would penalize you for roaming around in your pajamas during Pujo but draping the beautiful nine yard puts you in the right mood like nothing else. Like they say, one has to look the part before trying to act it. Besides, it's one of the best ways to get to know the rich heritage of our country. There are so many beautiful varieties hiding in quaint little villages in every state and the story behind each Fulia taant or Murshidabad silk saree is fascinating, to say the least!
       And then comes the food. Kolkata is a city well known for its roadside delicacies but the frenzy over every jhaal muri-bhelpuri-phuchka-egg roll-biryani-candy floss stall during these four days is unbelievable! And from Ichaapur to Italy, nothing brings a family together like sharing good food. I never watch what I eat during Pujo but if you are even more health-conscious than I'm, worry not. There's something or the other for everyone in the grand Pujo feast. There are a lot of healthy options too like ghugni, bhelpuri, the Ashtami bhog khichudi and labra, to name a few.
                                                                                                                            And now the famous pandal hopping that we Kolkatans can't seem to imagine life without and people from other cities find difficult to understand. It's beyond the understanding of all my friends from other cities what pleasure one can get out of walking for miles and sweating while wearing heavy make-up and gaudy clothes. Well, for starters, it burns at least half of the extra calories that you have gained, thanks to all the eating! And Kolkata is the only city where you get to see everyone from a CEO to a domestic help dressing up in their best attire and walking down the same street to visit the same pandals. Ever seen a more natural example of equality?

Saree- mom's, blouse- bought from local shop due to emergency, earring- B.K.Market, bindi- local shop, lipstick- MAT4 Bold Matte by Maybelline


Saree- mom's, blouse-Howrah Bridge, rings- New Market, chappal- Shreeram Arcade, earring- B.K.Market, bindi- local shop, lipstick- MAT4 Bold Matte by Maybelline

Coming to the outfits, since I had no time to shop this Pujo, I had to wear mostly my mom's sarees. I'm not much of a taant person and find it difficult to manage but surprisingly, I was very comfortable wearing them this year. Guess age is catching up after all. Also,  if you drape it well, it's pretty flattering for almost all body types.
    One more saree post and then I'd move on to the most eventful trip of my entire life! Till then, take care and keep it stylish.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Saree Saga '14- Part-I

Whoever said that celebration cannot overshadow the cause behind it should come and spend Durga Pujo in our city of joy. What must have started out as a solemn week of celebrating the victory of the Good over the Evil has turned out to be the ugliest form of commercialization these days. For most of my non-Bengali friends, this festival is synonymous to wearing sarees, visiting themed pandals, gorging on luchi-kosha mangsho-egg rolls-phuchka and junk of every other kind and of course, the customary bird-watching at Maddox Square. To be honest, my Pujo schedule doesn't deviate much from what I just stated but at times, I kind of miss those innocent days when Durga Pujo used to be about looking out of the windows of our classroom and getting lost into the 'shiuli' and 'kaash' flowers outside or squinting while trying to size up the clouds that looked like dispersed cotton balls. Growing up in a middle class family meant counting every hundred bucks and still running short of accessories to go with my new clothes. Themed pandals were very much in existence but I was lucky enough to experience the charm of traditional Pujos with 'ek chaala thhakur' and the beats of 'dhaak' during my childhood. But with 'shaarod shomman' s and packaged Pujo tours ending at Shobhabazaar Raaj-baari, we didn't even realize when the pure spirit of Pujo got lost in the midst of the glamorization.
                     But then, lamenting over the past would bring us nothing and I personally believe in moving on with the changing times. So, here I am- giving a tribute to our good ol' saree in my own way! I was supposed to be the proud owner of this saree by Howrah Bridge long back but somehow, it got delayed. But, as they say, better late than never! I've never felt sexier in a saree! And that's why I thought THE saree deserves to be the opening batsman in the saree series I've planned to do on ze blog. Enjoy the pictures while I go back to gorging on the bijoya sweets.

Saree, blouse- Howrah Bridge, earrings- New Market, ring, jeggings- B.K.Market, shoes- Metro Plaza, bindi- local shop, lipstick- MAT4 Bold Matte by Maybelline

Picture Credits-Debi( who has also been sweet enough to feature me on her blog; click on the link and read the post if you haven't already!)
P.S. This was my Navami/Dashami outfit. Stay tuned for more Pujo outfits and details of an awesome hill trip coming up! Till then, shubho bijoya to all of you and like I always say, keep it stylish.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Fear no fear(or not)?

Since time immemorial, children and adults alike are taught to overcome their fear but while going through a post by fellow blogger Chandana, I actually started thinking about fear the way I haven't thought in years. Since Bukowski, Ginsberg and Plath happen to be my all time favourite poets, I, personally have always been a believer in fear. Fear, in my opinion, is the rawest emotion one can have and even though the die-hard romantic in me would like to think otherwise, I've strong reasons to suspect that fear overrides even love at times. Every human emotion can be derived from fear. Love also, in a way, can be defined as 'the fear of losing the person one can't do without', among other things. The so called 'overcoming one's fear' is also logically null and void. We don't overcome our fears, we avoid acknowledging the fact that we fear a certain person/thing/activity/idea and try to look at that particular person/thing/activity/idea as something different(and doable, if I might add). But none of the 'overcome your fear' workshops I've seen had taught the victim to admit their fear and then dealing with it. They are always told that there's nothing to fear which, in essence, is trying to avoid the idea of fear altogether and also, challenging the victim's sanity.
                                                                                                                                           How about using fear as motivation instead? Fear isn't our friend and most of us are in agreement in that case. So, the next time we have to go river-rafting, something that many of us are scared of, instead of thinking that there's nothing to fear and then rediscovering it like never before mid-river, how about we admit the fear of river-rafting and then decide to go because we refuse to allow fear more power over us than it already has? I myself am very clear about my fears. Like most of my friends, I'm shit scared of cockroaches, spiders, snakes and all their creepy crawly cousins. But whenever a cockroach presents itself in front of me when I don't have help nearby, I try to remember how scary it'd be if I can't kill the cockroach now and it gets braver and ends up on my shoulder and trust me, it always works. I have almost a 100% record of hitting cockroaches with my first spray. Fear no. 2 is going back to my (grossly) overweight days. It goes without saying that this fear motivates me to eat healthy(with cheat days once every week of course) and work out on a regular basis. The biggest fear in my life is not having my loved ones with me, physically or emotionally. Even though this might not sound like a real fear to some people, trust me I've spent sleepless nights imagining how life would be without the ones I consider to be my closest. I'm yet to get hold of a full-proof way to solve this but I'm reaching there. What are your fears?
                                                                                          Moving on to the outfit, you must have got an idea that I'm in a full on monochrome mood. So, you are going to see this maxi skirt on the blog pretty frequently. And I love how Anu makes my Saturdays ever since the misery called work has taken over! Even though I try not to miss her exhibitions, most of the times I can't turn up because of my hectic schedule. Since I was working this Saturday and my office happens to be close to The Park, I knew this isn't an exhibition I'd like to miss out on. Given the dress code and the weather, this was pretty much the best I could do. Of course even a conservative(read matronly) outfit like this one drew enough glances(and complaints later) from people at work who were wondering whether sweeping the floor has also been added to the duties of HR or not and how I lost my other 'earring' and if I'm wearing a clip-on because I don't have my ears pierced, to name a few but then, having a gala time with Anu and Deepa is worth every awkward (and annoying) question answered(or ignored).
Maxi skirt-Jabong, shirt- Simpark Mall, ring- New Market, shoes and earcuff- B.K.Market, bow tie-Howrah Bridge

Picture Courtesy- Anu

The biggest festival of us Bengalis- Durga Pujo is just a week away. Even though I have mixed feelings about it this year, the energy in the city during this time is infectious. So, expect a lot of ethnic pictures on ze blog when I come back. Till then, take care and keep it stylish.

Monday, 8 September 2014

A pampering experience by Green Trends Salon

As they say, there's no better solution to bad mood than a self-pampering session. So, an invitation from the PR person in Green Trends Salon to participate in a beauty and skincare talk with their hairstylists and skincare specialists where we can avail free services as well sent all kind of feelers to my soul. Ever since I started working, pollution, sweat, humidity, irregular schedules and depression have been a part and parcel of my life. And what better way to cheer myself up than a pampering session like this?
                         Now, other than the above-mentioned problems, working poses another difficulty. One has to reach office(in time, if I might add). So, an event like this being held on a weekday, that too after 12 p.m., makes it difficult for poor me to attend itself. And the venue being Saltlake doesn't help either. Half of our time went in roaming about the alleys of Saltlake- asking clueless pedestrians for directions.
                     When we finally reached the venue, sadly, the event had already started. But we made ourselves comfortable and joined the discussion in no time. After the Q&A session, we were asked to choose the services we'd like to avail from the array of options they were offering. Again, since poor me was in a hurry to reach office before EOD(End Of Day, silly!), I opted for the quickest and easiest option- nail art. I wanted something in black and white with a hint of floral. They wanted to do an iridescent pattern first but since that'd have also taken a lot of time, we finally did white floral patterns against black background. My luckier friends, of course, got to get their pedi-mani and facials done along with haircuts and hair smoothening. Anyway, I know I'd like to go back there and get a haircut done as soon as I save up a little, what about you? If you are scared of Saltlake like I'm, no worries. They have branches at Bangur Avenue and Golpark also. So, suit yourself. Also, DO try out their hair treatments for controlling frizzy hair. The way they transformed my friend's hair from frizzy to Rapunzel-ish, I'd highly recommend it.
The setup for the Q&A session

Some of the products they use

Yes, I tend to be a picture of concentration personified when I get my nails done since I'm exceptionally good at ruining it.

Work in progress...


The maxi-hitchers and the like... :-P

And the royal posers... :-D

And the mixed reactions!
Picture Courtesy-Poorna
I'll do an outfit post on what I wore to this event very soon even though you can see most of it. Call it my undying love for this blazer if you want. Till then, take care and keep it stylish.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Rebel turned disciplined?

All my life, I have been a rebel. The art of discipline never appealed to me. I always enjoyed breaking rules instead of obeying them. Therefore, all my friends thought I had gone mad when I told them about my disciplined lifestyle these days. And my family was pleasantly surprised.
                                                                                                         One of my closest and most special friends had told me something long back that I couldn't appreciate fully. He said everything(or most of the things at least) holds their charm only when they are forbidden. Once the ban is lifted, one would hardly crave it. According to him, the key to the success in relationships lies in this simple fact. As long as couples can come up with ideas that make their relationship feel forbidden and illegitimate(and adventurous), the fun would be there. The moment both the persons know that they are supposed to be together and they love each other and nothing can separate them, they'd have no passion left and it'd be the death of the relationship(feel free to draw parallels with 'Death of poet' in this context).
               I've mixed feelings to his theory for various reasons best left unsaid. However, if I apply this same logic to my lifestyle, it perfectly explains my painstakingly disciplined lifestyle these days. Back in my childhood, rules were all I was taught to adhere to. There was a rule for everything-when to wake up, what to have for breakfast, what to wear, who to play with, when to do my homework, when to watch TV, what all channels to watch, how long to talk over phone...and of course when to start dating and how far to go with the boyfriends. In the presence(and enforcement) of so many rules, all I wanted to do was rebel. But as I started growing up, my otherwise rigid parents(to my relief and surprise), started loosening their grip and I got to do exactly what I wanted. I believe it was partially because of the regular fights at home and partially because of my mom's belief that teenagers adopt the right values if they are given freedom in small doses. Nonetheless, the result was delightful. All throughout my student life, most of my friends were envious of the freedom I got from home. "No curfew hours?","Your mom knows that you drink?","Your parents would let you go on a trip with your friends?","You talk to your boyfriends in front of your parents?","Your parents allowed you to move out?" were some of the very few questions I used to be bombarded with by the zealously protected rich kids in class.
                                                      To be honest, I had my fair share of fun. Despite financial constraints, the kind of liberating experiences that I've had in my age would be rare to come by, I dare say. However, after ten years of no rules, being a rebel didn't seem to be as glamorous as it had when I was a kid. I secretly wished my parents made angry calls every time I was staying out late instead of a somewhat worried but supportive "it's okay, take your time, come safe". I found myself feeling guilty and irritated at the same time when everyone in class was scolded for performing poorly in the exam while my parents said nothing. I wanted to be the good old protected child again. Life seemed to be so much easier when someone else makes the rules for you!
                                  But, one can't have the best of both the worlds. And since my parents weren't about to turn into overprotective monsters overnight, I decided to make rules for myself. I got the first taste of a disciplined lifestyle while I was doing my first internship. I used to wake up at 5 a.m., make my pre-workout meal and lunch, workout for an hour or so, come home and make my breakfast, catch the 8:50 Volvo, read the morning newspaper on my way to work, work till at least 8 p.m., come home back and make my dinner, watch TV while having dinner, put my facepack on and go to bed. I went out with friends during weekends but I didn't drink or eat out more than once in a month. I also made it a point to note down one stimulating thought every month. I continued this lifestyle during my next internship despite going through a very emotionally difficult time. And I'm back to the same lifestyle now that I'm working(the only concession being a maid for making the dinner, thanks to the salary at the end of the month). And I can't tell you how satisfied and rejuvenated it leaves me! There's a certain feel good factor associated with sticking to a routine and it helps me fight all the frustration in my personal life. There are days when I don't cry just because I'm supposed to be arranging my fresh clothes from laundry at that point of time as per my routine. And pushing the tears away for the sake of something more important makes them go away at least for the day and I couldn't have been more thankful for that!
                                                             Speaking of being thankful, I wish there were a single person to thank for the emergence of maxi dresses and skirts. They are an absolute life-saver and I absolutely can't do without them! They are chic, comfortable and super stylish! What more could a girl ask for? Yes, a phaatugraphaar to capture them in their maxi-mum glory but then, I have even that! I truly am a lucky girl!
Maxi skirt- Jabong, dress(worn as a blouse)-B.K.Market, gladiators- Metro Plaza, cuff- New Market, rings- B.K.Market and Park Street, sling- Simpark Mall

Friday, 15 August 2014

Being truly independent...

Independence is easily one of the most abused words in today's world. We use it to justify literally everything we do(or don't)in our daily lives. While saying hurtful things to others, hurting someone else's sentiments, harming animals or nature aren't things that we should do just because we are capable of doing them, everyone should know what being independent means for them. As a woman, the only aspect of independence that had been emphasized to me throughout my life was financial independence. Coming from a family where most of the women had to ask for money from their husbands even if they wanted to buy their children a candy, the women in our family, specially my mother, always wanted to make sure that I don't commit the same mistake that they had, years back. I've a job today that pays enough to cover my expenses and maybe a little luxury every once in a while but am I independent? Definitely not. I still freak out if I have to book my tickets, go to the bank, talk to the bored and hostile officials sitting at various Government offices,kill cockroaches and spiders, move my furniture around and so on and so forth. There are a hundred tasks required in our daily lives that I'm not good at. Therefore, I depend on my near and dear ones to do these for me. So, despite being financially independent, I'm definitely not independent in its true sense. Also, should we call someone independent if they have a job but only because others forced them into it and given a choice, they'd rather pursue their hobbies that didn't pay? This is an issue that one of my all time favourite bloggers Tanvii brought to my notice for the first time. Pursuing or not pursuing a so called career should be a conscious choice for all of us. And the decision to take care of the household instead of sitting at a cubicle in front of a computer deserves an equal amount of respect because we should have the freedom to choose whether we want to be employed or not. Ever since I started looking at things this way, my approach towards the so called housewives has changed drastically.
                                                    There's another aspect to independence that we often choose not to explore. Being a citizen of a free country means we have the right to take personal decisions until and unless our decisions go against the law of the land. Yet, how many of us are brave enough to embrace our true sexuality? How many of us are comfortable talking about their curiosity towards everything sexual during our adolescent years? Our body is a mystery on its own and not acknowledging its complex behaviours only shows our desperation to run away from the truth and nothing else. Calling a broom anything other than a broom won't change its true identity. Likewise, if parents choose to have an open discussion about the sexual curiosity accompanied with adolescence, many of the unhealthy sexual habits people grow as teenagers can be prevented. Topics like masturbation, unprotected sex, sodomy, homosexuality, incest, erotic fetishes and BDSM(to name a few) should be clearly discussed with teenagers instead of leaving it to their imagination. And who can be a better teacher for a child than his/her parents? I, for one, was always very clear and vocal about my body and its desires and considered myself sexually independent. However, despite my best attempts, any discussion with the elders regarding this always ended in a fight. I used to take things personally even five years back. These days, I'm wise enough to come out of the discussion after giving them the required information instead of turning it into a nasty fight. But the scores of homosexuals trapped in heterosexual marriages or forced to live a life of tired loneliness tell a different story.
                                                              So, this independence day, instead of hoisting another national flag and singing the national anthem once more, think about what true independence means to you. List down ten things you'd have done had there been no societal rules and no inhibitions. Then ask yourself why you aren't doing those. I'm pretty sure there'd be at least five things that you can do any day if you stop being so afraid. And if all of us end up doing five such things every year, we'd know that we are heading towards a truly independent country.

And now, say 'hi' to one of the most independent girls I've ever known! If you have been following ze blog for a while,Anu is no stranger to you. She happens to be the best and most inspiring fashion designer, a surprisingly observant amateur photographer, a celeb content writer, the most dedicated fashion blogger and my greatest source of inspiration. She has always lived life on her own terms. She has never done one of those so called rebellious things, true but she has broken almost every rule our society tries to impose on women in her own way. Studying Fashion Designing despite being a Science student(I'm sure the prospective doctors and engineers spared her no sneer), quitting her job to start her own brand, not succumbing to peer pressure, continuing with equal jest even when her dreams didn't exactly find wings to fly...I can talk about how she inspires me all day long! So, what better time to show you how she breaks the myth of not being able to be cool in ethnic wear? She rocks it and how!
Tunic- Max, leggings- Shoppers Stop, chappals- Linking Road, Bandra, watch- Dresslily, ring-Dilli Haat, neckpiece- New Market

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

The wanderer's musings

The wind on my shoulder,
the aching muscles ponder,
was love a blunder?

After a hectic trip to Mumbai-Indore-Gandhidham-Mumbai, I'm back home! Home is where the heart is but home is also where my favourite phuchkawala resides. Home is where I can smell the festive spirits a little more with every passing day. Life is anything but what I had expected it to be. Getting paid is kinda cool but doing things that one hates to no end in order to get that money pretty much sucks. Meanwhile, I'm busy trying to remove the layers of charcoal from my skin, thanks to the purposeless plant visits and shopping for PUJO! The past one month hasn't been easy and hardships won't slow down before at least three more months. My body is close to giving up and I haven't been this sick in years! But I'm also trying to focus on whatever positives I happen to have in my life. And the memory of this day is one of those. And the theme Roaring 20s of course helped. Let the pictures do the rest of the talking while I cuddle up under the sheets with a book.
Maxi dress, kolhapuri- Emami, bag- New Market, neckpiece(worn as a headgear)- Chandrani Pearls

Picture and hair Courtesy- Anu

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

"...Some rain must fall"(First guest post on ze blog)

It’s monsoon time, girls! And it’s time to put away those shades and take out your umbrellas. That’s right, it’s the gloomy season but don’t let it get to you so be the savior and brighten it up! Be the one to bring in colour and fashion to the rainy days! Here are a few must-haves you should embrace this season-

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1. Coats: Well, this only counts for those girls who live in places where it gets really cold during the monsoons. It becomes so cold that you’re shivering, so it’s best to get the layers on. Wear a sweater or a coat. But brighten it up by wearing some bright coloured jacket with jeans or shorts, whichever you’re comfortable with. Find some great ones at Flipkart, Jabong, Myntra, Tradus, Yepme with brands like Arrow, Wills Lifestyle, Fort Collins etc.

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2. Flat Boots: NOT leather ones, leather does not fare well in the rain, so don’t take those out of the closet no matter how great they seem to look with your outfit. If you don’t have boots, then wear sneakers. They are your go-to shoes and you can wear it anywhere. Make sure they have rubber soles to prevent your fanny from hurting when you are hitting the pavements. Find some great ones at Flipkart, Jabong, Myntra, Tradus, Yepme with brands like Alberto Torresi, Carlton London, Steve Madden, Clarks, Shoedeal, CAT etc.

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3. Shorts or Capris: This is a time to protect the lower half of your body from getting wet, so wear your shorts or capris when you step out. Wear dark colours to give you warmth or bright colours to make you happy. Either way, you’re not going to escape the puddles, so wear whatever colour you’re comfortable with. Find some great ones at Flipkart, Jabong, Myntra, Tradus with brands like UCB, Global Desi, People, Only etc.

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4. Shirts: Wear loose and big shirts because if you get wet from top to bottom, then god help you from the pervs on the streets. Wear some awesome graphic tees with your shorts and sneakers! Find some great ones at Flipkart, Jabong, Myntra, Tradus, Yepme with brands like UCB, Vero Moda, Chemistry, UCB, People etc.

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5. Hoodies: Hoodies look great with jeans or shorts. And it’s best to wear them when it’s just drizzling and you know it’s going to continue like that the entire day so you don’t have to carry an umbrella, just wear a hoodie over your shirt, put the hood on when you step out and you’re finished! You look cute too! Find some great ones at Flipkart, Jabong, Myntra, Tradus, Yepme with brands like Campus Sutra, Espirit, Yepme, Puma, Lee etc.

All these sites have great discounts, especially during the monsoon season! So make haste when the season arrives! But if you want more discounts, coupons and offers, then check out this and find your ideal price with deal of the day!

Disclaimer-This is NOT a sponsored post. I came across Dealstan and quite liked their collection, specially paired with their unbelievable prices! If you have been following ze blog for a while, you must know how broke I'm. So, when I suggest a website for great discounts, you know it's the next best thing to getting it for free. So, what are you waiting for? Click away!