Sunday, 8 July 2012

"Child,look at me."

"Child,look at me",
turn back.
The night is scary.
Scarier than fairytale movies.
Because it won't warn you before the fangs go deep down.
They aren't spiders.
And my English isn't pretty.

I'm drunk,child,
are you?
You drank milk,huh?
Smell me,
touch me,
I'm available.
I'm the liveliest showpiece ever.
I'll die when you want me to.
I'm alive though.
And I come for free.

Alcohol isn't entirely a bad thing
though your parents might tell you otherwise.
I never saw them,
I never will.
Because they live inside the woods
and go for morning walks in their trench coats
when I'm busy fighting my hangovers.

Child,I'm a likeable person,
I really am.
I'll pour you milk and pat your back.
I think you'd like me.

It's the night that makes me violent,child.
Do you understand?
Would you?
The magic of night?
The pleasure of loneliness?

Don't be scared if I puke.
I like tracing them around my loo,
they're fascinating.
And scary.

But I'll save you.
From all the evil forces.
Because I'm one of them only.

But I'll kill you too.
Because innocence never gave the world anything
apart from the momentary hallucination.
And I'm here to save the world,believe it or not.
In my pink lingerie and electric blue flip flops.

In case you're wondering,yes,that was indeed written while I was dead drunk. Thank you for asking. And now,the pictures from a friend's b'day. We went to China Town(again) for lunch and then to Mocha for hookah. It was fun finishing a hookah all by myself,for the first time ever! Never mind the drowsiness though.:P

Palazzo pant-B.K.Market,yellow shrug and pink pumps-Shreeram Arcade,Leather band-Sudder Street,blue blouse,clutch,owl pendant,charm and earrings-gifted