Saturday, 25 May 2013

Maxi-mum effect!

On the way to the alleys of nothingness,
I dropped by your place.
There was a fat cat sitting in front of your door and licking its paws.
I remember it staring at me for a good thirteen seconds.

The moon was obscenely bright that night.
It almost hurt my eyes.
But my city looked beautiful.
And lonely.
Just like me.

You weren't home.
I went in nonetheless.
Your clothes were scattered all around.
I hugged them tight and smelt them until I cried.

Then I looked at my shadow on the wall opposite the window.
It was ugly.
Uglier than I look with the lights on.

The clock went on ticking.
Tick-a-doodle-doo tick-a-doodle-doo...
A drunken security guard whistled somewhere far away.

I sat on the floor right under the bed.
I traced the lines my blood must have followed the other night.
It always bleeds a little when you do it
but I refuse to have you otherwise.

There are times when I wish we hadn't met.
There are times when I wish I had a dick in stead of a pussy.
There are times when I wish the tears streaming down my cheek were hot enough to burn my skin.

Like I said,the moon was obscenely bright that night.
And I was visibly naked.
So was the sky.

On my way out,
I saw the loyal cat still staring at me with suspicion written all over its face.
I threw a stone aiming its head and broke its skull into pieces.
Then I heard myself sharing a hearty laugh with my ugly shadow.

Contrary to what the words would have you believe, if you collect impersonal data, y life has never been better. If you remember the Elle meet I had blogged about earlier, the pictures are from that event only. As you might remember, we tried on quite a few outfits over there. I had a little trouble fitting into this maxi but like the title says, once I slipped into it and tied the scarf on and accessorized it with a super romantic clutch, the effect was maxi-mum!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Loafing away with all things Lebanese...

A lost puppy Sayantani on her way back from hospital, a proud and hungry Anupriya showing off her new bangles, a sweaty yours truly and a non-stop photographer friend Shreya have one thing in common- a love for sasta,sundar,tikao momo joints! So,when we girls decided to meet up for lunch because Megha was leaving for Delhi the day after even though she joined us post-lunch(yes,trust us to come up with ironies like that),the first unanimous choice was 'momo I am'(or was it 'momo am I'?)-the cheap but authentic momo joint near Lake Gardens. After shampooing my hair within a little more than thirteen minutes, I ran and caught the first auto to find a very fresh looking Anu waiting for me in her brand new bangles and aviators. Finding out Sayantani was a little difficult since we were looking for a little more eccentrically-dressed people from behind even though she looked cuteness personified in her Peter Pan collared kurti. Sadly,all our hopes of having steaming hot momos while sweating in the sweltering sun were shattered when they announced that no food would be served before 3 p.m. So,we decided to sweat it out a little more and walk till 'Go Lebanese' to have hummus,grilled chicken ad shawarma while sweating in the sweltering sun. :-P
                                                                                                                         It was a somewhat long walk but the food was totally worth it even though sitting in the sun and eating was a torture. But that's something you better get used to if
i)you don't have a car/didn't bring it this time for any reason
ii)you want affordable good food
After a very sweaty but satisfactory lunch,we headed towards Shreya's para cold drink store and after a quick round of sodas and saying goodbyes to the copy editor and photographer,me and Anu took a cab to South City to meet our very own Punjabi diva over tea,mango smoothie and coffee. All in all,fun day out minus the damage caused to skin and hair. Here are the pictures,courtesy Anu
Denims-Shreeram Arcade,kurti worn as a blouse,ring-New Market,summer jacket-B.K.Market,belt,loafers and satchel-Simpark Mall

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Pop up at mine-an evening of mystery cocktails,Nepalese food and awesome fun!

What's your initial reaction when THE COOLEST(not to mention the prettiest) party host invites you for a mystery party at a mystery location for your first brush with Nepalese cuisine? You thank your stars first of course that you're lucky enough to have her in your life and then you start counting days...
                                                                                                                                      That's exactly what I did once the sassiest woman entrepreneur in town-Johanne, the owner of Scoop, gave me a call one fine evening and invited me for what turned out to be one of the best parties in my entire life! Finding out the mystery location was mysteriously easy given her reputation for hosting the most amazing parties! I believe a stranger pointed the location to a friend of mine with a reassuring smile and the words,"yes,yes,go there. This is where THE party is happening."
                                                Once we were inside,it'd be an understatement if I say we were blown away by the decor inside. To see the amount of thought she put into every little detail was truly inspiring. Well,she has an obscenely sexy lawn to execute all those ideas,I'll admit but the sheer creativity used everywhere was unbelievable. The coke bottles were filled up with sand and gyp and put up beside the candles. The paper lamps gave an illusion of 'to be or not to be' and I already knew I was about to have one of my best evenings ever! The drizzle early in the evening(that had freaked her out) had already subsided and contributed to the nice weather. The host,looking downright hot in a pink number escorted us straight to the bar. I settled for a mango martini after a few phuchka shots and jell-o shots. The guests had already started arriving-each starrier than the previous. We met  Rana da -the flamboyant faatugraphaar, Bridgette Jones -the make up diva I've grown up reading every Sunday in The Telegraph and of course,three martinis,two cosmos and a few of Jo's newest discovery ganna shots later,THE Raima Sen arrived! My girls tell me I had scared her off at first with my lesbian handshake but they were obviously wrong because she was back in a while. Meanwhile,we were introduced to Jo's Nepali brigade-the people who had been cooking since the morning so that we can have the evening of our lives. And boy,were they from varying backgrounds! From army girls to sixteen-year old cute buoys...we met them all. The crowd was so diverse that we talked about everything from fashion,management,fashion management(no,that's not a typo),gamchha,eco-friendly fashion,serial-dating,writing,photography,beauty products,boxers and what not! As the music started getting peppier and the chatting got more drunken, the host announced that the food was ready. This was the first time I was having Nepalese food and according to my very non-posh friends,it was supposed to be all about radish. So,to be honest,I was a little scared. But I was pleasantly surprised. There was rice tempered with aromatic spices,dal,dum aloo,aloo-gobi,saag,mutton curry,chicken salad,vegetable salad,sprouts salad,various types of pickles,malpua with kheer and a lot more. The food was so light yet tasty! So me! I even went for second helpings. And then she gave us the cutest little keepsake to take home. We had to leave soon since I'm not rich enough to afford a car yet and cabs get pricier too at night with every passing hour but this was an evening that'd stay with me for a long time. Until her next party,that is. *Wink*

Shirt-Miss Chase,white denims,loafers-Simpark mall,sling-B.K.Market,bow tie-Howrah Bridge,rings-New Market

With Bridgette Jones

And THE Raima Sen

Photo credits-Debi and Pooja