Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Fantabulous february-day twenty one

Words are not enough.
Neither is silence.
Glances are not enough.
Neither are gazes.
Touches are not enough.
Neither are feelings.
It's not an apology I'm fishing for.
I've never been interested in 'things'.

I want to see you in pain.
I want to see you cry.
I want to see you beg and
whip you till you die.

P.S. This post is inspired from Fantabulous February-day twenty one by Kanika on her blog Sensitive Chaos.I'm sorry for the absence,people.I was busy 'thinking'.The good ol' offline ones,you know.Had a life-changing conversation with verbals teacher(yes,the super cute one). Though how much the life actually changes or not is yet to be seen.But all I can say is very few conversations have been so enlightening so far! I can't stop thinking and thinking till then! You know I won't miss Fantabulous February just like that,right?


  1. "একটি দুটি মানুষ আজও আঁধারে গান গায়
    এত আলোর মধ্যে আকাশ বাঙলা ভাষায় ভরা
    বুকের মধ্যে চলছে ছুটে সোনালী হরকরা"

  2. So deep anguish ! Sometimes , I feel that when I can't speak up, I write- Poetry/prose gives us that moment of liberation-Am I right Soumi ?

    1. You couldn't be more right,Sanghamitra!

  3. Now I am curious.What life-changing discussion did you have?I would sure like to know.Btw,I sent you a gtalk request.Do add me if you feel like it...:-) And yep...the poem is good...altho I do wonder why you dwell on melancholic themes so much...:-)Take care my friend..

  4. the words....the poem...brought back a memory ..of a relationship gone terribly. wrong......

    glad ur back!!


    1. I wasn't gone anywhere.I was just a little less regular than I was supposed to be.It DID?I'm humbled.