Sunday, 19 August 2012

O sweet melancholy

O sweet melancholy,you make things feel right.
I don't quite know you yet but I have a feeling I will.
The hours of shame will make way for glory,Delgadina,
the hours of shame will make way for glory.

Let's make it up to the sky.
Cry for the senile owls,
cry for the vile fishes,
cry for the insane trees.

Meeting  Reema of The Dark Angel fame(I tried but couldn't find the link,must be something wrong with her blog) was like meeting my soul sister with short hair! We get along THAT well! And she got me chocolates and nail paints! *Throws kisses around*
And I wore the same outfit to a movie date with boyfriend but never really managed to take pictures. So,had to repeat it once again since I was hell bent on showing the world my girlie side(with all the pink).

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Of boredom and other things

This is how falling asleep must feel like-peaceful,dizzy,effortless and numb. I'm getting older too. All of twenty two and already over life. "Have you always been a loner? Does it still feel lonely at times?",he asks,sitting right opposite me. I'm not sure whether I heard the question right or not. I've been floating all around these days. I feel light and heavy at the same time. It hasn't rained much this year. The overcast sky looked beautiful from the Shobhabazaar ghaat last night. I remembered a face I used to make when I was five. This new flat is spacious,basic and characterless. It gives me a proper canvas to throw my colours at but I still can't write. Nor can I make love. Everything seems to be such an effort! Just not worth it. Staring at the ceiling is WAY better. It makes me feel alive,in the oddest way. I'm just so tired! O I'm just so tired!