Sunday, 13 April 2014

Springing out...

Spring is here in my city. Or should I say summer? Subtlety is not the strongest suit
of Kolkata weather these days. Gone are the evening breezes and the surprise drizzles.
The cuckoo doesn't sing near my maama-baari windowsill any more either. The agression
in my love and the subsequent pain aren't entirely gone but I've learnt to hide it
carefully. The sheer romance of sucking on to a soggy ice cream cone while taking long
walks are gone too. Gone are so many of my other childhood dreams!Love is very much
there and it's the only thing that makes me believe in life. I still feel like a trapped
princess just as I used to twenty three summers back. No knight in shining armour came
to rescue me back then and no one would come now. But meanwhile, I've learnt to
tone down my fairy tales to suit my mundane life.
                                               Talking of what is NOT mundane,Jhaal Farezi
is becoming THE place I tend to hang out with my girls at.The quirky decor, the fun food
at VERY reasonable price, the option to just sit there and chill out for HOURS make it a
favourite with all of us. And trust me, it's totally worth travelling for an hour-changing
four autos!And, hold your breath, fellow health freaks,they serve vada pav without butter!
And, they have enough brains not to bring you sugar satchets if you ask for green tea. #Win

Also, every time I go to Jhaal Farezi,for some reason or the other, I end up wearing maxis.
This time was no exception. Even though my separates look more like a maxi dress, they
are very much the thrifted tunic tucked into the maxi skirt I thought I'd never wear.

Anywhoo,a slow internet connection and a hectic schedule are making sure I don't get to blog more
than once every month but I got some very good news coming up for you lovelies. Our group
venture 'Sisterhood of the Travelling Pajamas' would be here soon and it's something
that the blog-o-sphere(at least as far as my knowledge goes)has never seen before! I can't
spill any more beans. You just have to guess and wait. I also have my very first guest post
coming up on the blog.The topic is a little different from the usual mood of this space.
So, I'm having a hard time fitting it in. But all would be resolved in no time hopefully.
Till then, all ya lovelies think peach and sip coconut water. *Kisses*

Tunic(thrifted), maxi skirt, spiked loafers- B.K.Market, ring- New Market

With my sunflower Nikita, who made it all possible