Wednesday, 18 June 2014

"...Some rain must fall"(First guest post on ze blog)

It’s monsoon time, girls! And it’s time to put away those shades and take out your umbrellas. That’s right, it’s the gloomy season but don’t let it get to you so be the savior and brighten it up! Be the one to bring in colour and fashion to the rainy days! Here are a few must-haves you should embrace this season-

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1. Coats: Well, this only counts for those girls who live in places where it gets really cold during the monsoons. It becomes so cold that you’re shivering, so it’s best to get the layers on. Wear a sweater or a coat. But brighten it up by wearing some bright coloured jacket with jeans or shorts, whichever you’re comfortable with. Find some great ones at Flipkart, Jabong, Myntra, Tradus, Yepme with brands like Arrow, Wills Lifestyle, Fort Collins etc.

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2. Flat Boots: NOT leather ones, leather does not fare well in the rain, so don’t take those out of the closet no matter how great they seem to look with your outfit. If you don’t have boots, then wear sneakers. They are your go-to shoes and you can wear it anywhere. Make sure they have rubber soles to prevent your fanny from hurting when you are hitting the pavements. Find some great ones at Flipkart, Jabong, Myntra, Tradus, Yepme with brands like Alberto Torresi, Carlton London, Steve Madden, Clarks, Shoedeal, CAT etc.

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3. Shorts or Capris: This is a time to protect the lower half of your body from getting wet, so wear your shorts or capris when you step out. Wear dark colours to give you warmth or bright colours to make you happy. Either way, you’re not going to escape the puddles, so wear whatever colour you’re comfortable with. Find some great ones at Flipkart, Jabong, Myntra, Tradus with brands like UCB, Global Desi, People, Only etc.

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4. Shirts: Wear loose and big shirts because if you get wet from top to bottom, then god help you from the pervs on the streets. Wear some awesome graphic tees with your shorts and sneakers! Find some great ones at Flipkart, Jabong, Myntra, Tradus, Yepme with brands like UCB, Vero Moda, Chemistry, UCB, People etc.

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5. Hoodies: Hoodies look great with jeans or shorts. And it’s best to wear them when it’s just drizzling and you know it’s going to continue like that the entire day so you don’t have to carry an umbrella, just wear a hoodie over your shirt, put the hood on when you step out and you’re finished! You look cute too! Find some great ones at Flipkart, Jabong, Myntra, Tradus, Yepme with brands like Campus Sutra, Espirit, Yepme, Puma, Lee etc.

All these sites have great discounts, especially during the monsoon season! So make haste when the season arrives! But if you want more discounts, coupons and offers, then check out this and find your ideal price with deal of the day!

Disclaimer-This is NOT a sponsored post. I came across Dealstan and quite liked their collection, specially paired with their unbelievable prices! If you have been following ze blog for a while, you must know how broke I'm. So, when I suggest a website for great discounts, you know it's the next best thing to getting it for free. So, what are you waiting for? Click away!

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Breakup shorts and another blogger meet

I considered myself to be pretty much superstition-free for the first eighteen years of my life. But as soon as I turned nineteen, I found out that I wasn't superstitious for all these years simply because I didn't have an option to. I needed to wear the school uniform, eat the same food every day, go to the same place et cetera et cetera.but once I went to college, I suddenly started imagining that my exams won't go well if I didn't wear the same blue and white striped tee every day with the same pair of denims and wait for it, the same underwear too. Consider eight exams back to back in the heat of April. Let's observe thirteen seconds of silence for those who survived these semesters sitting around me.I think they were the happiest lot when we discovered that we had only four papers in the final semester. I also made sure I took the same bus every day, had the same fish spring roll from Monginis(it had to be second from the left) and sat at the same place for studying(I even refused to move if someone asked me to shift a little so that they could sit). Are you thankful that you didn't go to the same college with me? I thought so. So, moving on to my MBA, I got over this absurd dressing rule partly because I was growing up(feel free to replace the word 'up' with 'old', I really don't mind any more) but mostly because I was dating and there was high probability of any of my boyfriend(s) turning up to surprise me after my exam. Instead of feeling liberated, I was paranoid and tried to make up for it by having the same breakfast, waiting for the same rickshaw wala and metro no matter how long it took, sitting with the same crowd and not wearing a watch. Given the examples, I don't think you'd be surprised if I tell you that these are my breakup shorts and this is my breakup blouse. I've worn these twice(both of them together once and only the blouse another day) with a boyfriend and we broke up on that day, both the times. The most suspicious part? On both the days, we started the day in a great mood and were having one of our good days(relationship-wise) and hadn't fought in near past. Still, we broke up. Since then, I've decided to wear these only with my girlfriends because the best part about your girlfriends is that they never break up with you. I also suppose I could call these my breakup shoes since they have been there during both the breakups but I've had more than ten happy days with them. So, I'd assume I don't have a breakup shoe and thankfully, I was carrying different bags during different breakups and wearing different accessories too. So, I don't have a breakup bag or a bunch of breakup accessories either and I couldn't have been any happier about it!
                                             Now, if you are done explaining to your younger brother in great detail how education has failed to enlighten me in true sense, let's move on to the next part, shall we?
                                                                                                                                 To much chagrin of bloggers from other cities(if I dare say so), we Kolkata bloggers are a tightly knit community and with the kind of bonding that we have, we could jolly well have opened a sorority house or something equally pink. Of course with yours truly leaving for Mumbai in a month, it would remain a dream. Let me just wipe a tear or two. Yes. So, given the perfect hosts that we Kolkata bloggers are, no blogger from any other city leaves Kolkata without meeting a few of us, if not everyone. So, when this lovely beauty blogger Sheetal came to Kolkata for a visit, we all decided to meet her at Wise Owl-this nice little cafe near Golpark that is crowded and charming at the same time since they take ages to bring your food and therefore, you can sit for ages without any disturbance, other than the shouting of course. And thanks to the kind of gossip only we can imagine of, it was definitely an evening well-spent. Just spare my fat legs for a month or so. I promise to get back in shape. Soon.
Striped shorts, bag, spiked loafers, neckpiece-B.K.Market, shirt-Miss Chase, lipstick- Orange Punch from Colorbar

Picture Courtesy - Anu
I hope to start the Sisters of the Travelling Pajamas post that I couldn't stop gushing about by this month. Till then, take care and keep it stylish.
                                                   Much love,