Friday, 28 December 2012

Kolkata Bloggers' Meet-II

You must not remember something called a Kolkata Bloggers' Meet. Mostly because it was AGES ago! A lot has happened since then. One of my best friends(and the only Engineer in the lot) Ayantika has moved back to the USA and hence,we are now short of one crazy member. But as they say,better late than never. So,we all decided to meet up for lunch on 22nd and long story short,it was one hell of a day! The girlie gossip sessions,baking in the sun,the not-so-good luncheon(me and Sayantani were the only ones who were not dissatisfied with their food) and a LOT of pictures! Check them out yourself.
Blue palazzo,white lace blouse,bag,pink pouch,pendants-B.K.Market,red blazer,ring-New Market,gladiators-Metro Plaza

P.S. We had a mini-meet today too but more on that later. Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and are now geared up for a rocking New Years' Eve.

Friday, 21 December 2012

The peplum girl

Peplum-Howrah Bridge,green denims and kolhapuri-Shreeram Arcade,neckpiece-B.K.Market,feather earring-Emami,sling-Simpark Mall,headband-Gariahat

This is a post that has been in the shelf for a day too long. As you know,I'm too lazy(I like to call it busy) to blog most of the time and more so when the post happens to be as special as this one. No matter what I did,it just wasn't enough.
                                    If you are there in my Facebook friend list or you follow me on Twitter(yes,I've quite a few,you could stop rolling your eyes),you must have come across the peplum story. I got a peplum blouse made by Howrah Bridge one fine morning and the rest is history. Not only did it fetch me the most number of compliments in my entire life,I felt different. I felt empowered and pretty,for probably the first time since my fifth birthday. So,I thought letting you all know a little more about the lady behind the brand would be great. Let's hear it from Anupriya,a dear friend and one of the most talented young designers of Kolkata as she talks about her hopes,dreams and the brand's journey so far.
Anupriya posing in one of her collections at  the recently concluded exhibition at Underground,HHI
So,a born fashionista or fashion happened by chance?

A - Ummmm....tricky one at the very beginning! :P
I guess it was somehow in the genes - my Mom used to stitch pretty frocks for me, fishing out patterns & styles from a Kids Fashion book sourced from out of the country!

How would you describe yourself-a fashion-lover first or a fashion

A - Of course, a fashion lover!!
As for my profession.....I do what I love and I love what I do! :)

You've worked with renowned brands like Shoppers Stop,Vogue

India,Future Group and  Malhar Fashions Pvt. Ltd. What was that little

thing that kept you pinching at the end of the day that "no,this isn't

what I want to do. I'm meant for more than that."

A - Well....guess it was that complete satisfaction about what I was doing that was missing. I was working for others...was putting effort into something which I couldn't even call 'mine' at the end of the day.
Also, that sense of freedom was not there, as, at the end of it all, I was restricted by rules, processes & brand images. And being a creative individual, limits & restrictions felt like huge stones bound to my feet, weighing me down, when all I wanted was to soar high! So, eventually, I broke free....

How did the idea of 'Howrah Bridge' come up? Was it a calculated

move or a spontaneous one?

A - Absolutely spontaneous! It started off with making li'l hand-crafted brooches for myself as I found a dearth of good ones in the Indian market. Soon one thing led to the other and I was selling them online and locally, under the brand name of Howrah Bridge, eventually venturing into other accessories & clothes.

In stead of concentrating on just one thing,you're trying to make

'Howrah Bridge' a one-stop-solution-for-all. Isn't that a little too


A - To each her own, I'll say! I have fun designing all kinds of lifestyle products and apart from that, I even provide styling consultancy to people who are confused about their looks & dressing styles.
I'm designing products that I would love using myself and, fortunately or unfortunately, they range from clothes to jewellery to accessories to home decor! Not to mention, I have a whole lot more on my ultimately, Howrah Bridge may turn out products that can fill the better part of a departmental store! :P

On a serious note, I actually love it when people come up to me and exclaim, "Oh! Now you have got laptop skins too! What else do you have up your creative sleeves?" all need to wait & watch, I would say!

What is it about 'Howrah Bridge' designs that sets them apart? To

put it bluntly,there are a thousand and one designer labels. Why

should a shopper pick 'Howrah Bridge' over the others?

A - Simple! Coz we'll make you stand out in a designer crowd as well. Always.
Our sensibilities are an eclectic mix of retro, quirky, smart, chic & simple - the right dose of both the traditional & the modern. Even when the whole world runs after what's "in", we do our own thing in a signature Howrah Bridge a result, people endorsing our products turn heads, even in a room full of "in-trend" designer clothes & accessories.

What kind of clientèle do you have in mind while designing your pieces?

A - I design for everybody.
People who have a strong sense of style love the freshness & simple chic of Howrah Bridge products, while those with an aesthetic sense, but not enough confidence in their own sensibilities, like our vibrant appeal & accessible style.

Being a fashion blogger,you possess an immaculate dressing sense.

Does that help while designing your pieces? Because you know what

you'd wear and can therefore read the pulse of your buyer?

A - Well....I never though of it that way, but it may be true! I have confidence in what I wear and I know, even if people stare at some of my not-so-regular outfits (trust me, in Calcutta, they almost always do!), I hardy ever care. Whatever I wear, I know I can carry that off.
And that's what I want women who wear Howrah Bridge clothes, to do too! I want Howrah Bridge women to be confident of their style and of what they are wearing. Hence, I design clothes that I know a girl will be comfortable in, at the same time, feeling extremely unique & special in it! And *touch wood*, that's what most of them feel when they put on a Howrah Bridge piece! :D

A buyer comes to you and wants you to make something that you know

would definitely not suit her. What'd you do?

A - I would deftly dissuade her from her choice, explaining why it would not be flattering for her looks and advise her to go for cuts, colours & silhouettes that would suit her, of course!
Thankfully, most of my buyers have blind faith in my sensibilities & skills and they just come and say, "we'll opt for whatever you suggest!" So, I hardly ever have to face a crisis like this.

So,shopping at 'Howrah Bridge' isn't only about 'choosing and

buying stuff' but also a whole integrated experience as far as fashion

is concerned? Does every buyer go home being at least one percent

better dressed than they were?

A - I hope they do! Though they, or people around them, would be the better judge of that!! :)
I'm there to guide them & assist them in making them look their best, in hiding their weaknesses & flaws and highlighting their strengths & features. As far as I know, they almost always like what they see in the mirror, once I'm done and I've always seen them going away with huge smiles on their faces, so I guess, I've not done a very bad job of it!

Given the fact that within this short time span,you're one of the

names to reckon with,any further expansion plans?

A - Oh! LOTS, actually!!
I have just about started off........still have many more miles to go.......many more milestones to achieve! And with the love & support of all my friends, family & Howrah Bridge loyalists, I know this is going to be one amazing journey!!!

Working for the best boss in the world-your own self, blessing or curse?

A - The sense of freedom is unparalleled, I must say! But of course, being self-employed also has its pros & cons.
The worst part is that even when I feel like taking a break (something as little as reading a book or catching up on a favorite movie), my professional mind reminds me of a hundred tasks at hand that can be done in that time and my leisure cravings go for a toss. But then, that's because work always comes first for me.
Apart from these trivial miseries, life's good when you are your own boss. In fact, I'll say I'm the best boss I'd ever had! ;)

Do drop by her workshop at Tollygunge,near Malancha cinema hall for a lifestyle experience you'd never forget.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Ethnic day recap

Kalamkaari kurti,sling,ring,cuff-New Market,earrings-roadside stall at Lindsay Street,kolhapuri-Shreeram Arcade,dhoti pant-Simpark mall
I've been missing for a while,thanks to exams and now that I'm done with the worst semester of my life(fingers crossed things won't get any worse),I'm back with a bang! And due to the two failed relationships where I bonded 'intellectually' with the persons concerned,I'm in a super girly mood these days! So,shopping,hanging out with friends and partying top my list of priorities now. And I couldn't have chosen a better time for this mood of mine! I've at least five parties coming up before Jan! YAY to that! And I just got off phone with the amazing Anu and we have already planned the second Kolkata Bloggers' Meet! And in case you haven't seen the outfit I wore to our annual alumni meet at Hops,check out this space for more details in the coming week. Till then,keep it stylish.
                                                                           With love,

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

An unfinished conversation...

And then she whispered,"there's a blissful indifference you feel while staring at the brightly lit decked up buildings from your pitch black room,a ring of smoke escaping your mouth." "Ah,so you've been smoking",his lips curl up into a sad half-smile. "A lot",she replies. "And I still feel strange. Every night,before going to bed,I shiver. It's not that cold yet and it's scary. And then,I wake up a few hours after midnight-my pussy throbbing and a stranger sleeping next to me. A stranger in his blanket of shame. A stranger I brought home after a few shots. A stranger who couldn't satisfy me. A stranger and his defeated manhood. I miss you. I do. I won't deny that. But I'm thankful to you for giving me my pain back. It's the only thing in this whole world that I can call my own. You were never mine to begin with,why go into that?
                                                           And with the heartbreak, the dreams have come back too. The myriad colours almost blinding me in my sleep. Life seems familiar,all of a sudden."
Maxi dress,cardigan,neckpiece-B.K.Market,gladiators-Metro Plaza,sling-Simpark Mall,earring-Emami,headband-Gariahat

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Five days of fun and frolic,otherwise known as Durga Puja

Durga Pujo is THE greatest festival for us Bengalis! During these five days,we go pandal hopping like crazy and eat like we have been starving for months. I,for one,NEVER dress up during pujo since I go pandal hopping and have to walk all day,literally! But,I DO make it a point to wear sari on awshTomi. Earlier,I used to be a big fan of the Georgette, Chiffon and Zari-embroidered saris but now I'm more into saris with a story. The more traditional,the better.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Clutch it once more...

Clutch it once more,
July,my darling,
you make sense.

Take it away,
July,my love,
if it ain't you,
it ain't worth a dime.

July,you like me fast?
July,you like me dumb?
July,you like me numb?

The eagle will keep circling,
the circle will keep getting smaller.
My head will start reeling too,July.
Would you hold me for a second?

We'll put out the last candle too
and make love in the dark.
July,would you whisper my name?

Wedding music is funny,July.
It smells of dream and tastes like heartbreak.
July,my beloved,I too wanted to be a princess.

 In the past few months,I've become one of those persons I had promised myself I'd never resemble. I don't read any more. Almost,that is. There are days when I don't even get to read the newspaper. I start yawning the moment one starts talking about serious literature,politics or philosophy. These are the things I used to love earlier. I hate challenges,I hate conversations more. I wake up at 6 in the morning and spend the entire day in an extremely hot and humid room staring at people I have absolutely nothing in common with. I don't even shop any more. I don't feel like putting any fancy clothes on,let alone accessorizing. That's why I'm still grateful to the old folders for reminding me that I used to scribble a few lines,long back. It's a history now though.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Signature Premier Fashion Week - Kolkata(Day One)

I almost couldn't believe my eyes/ears when I first got a call(and then text(s) and then a mail) from gingerclaps team offering me to cover Kolkata Fashion Week for them! Kolkata Fashion Week,though still in its nascent stage,is already a name to reckon with. Covering a prestigious event like this was nothing short of a dream come true.
                            And then came the D day. I reached the venue a little late,thanks to the famous Kolkata traffic but the excellent management at the Park made sure I got my ID card in no time. I managed to reach just in time to see models walking down the ramp in Lakme Fashion Week regular Paromita Banerjee's designs. The rusty background music and the rich handlooms transported the audience into an entirely different world. Dhakai,Jamdani,Khadi,Tussore,Tangail and Ikat formed the major part of the collection. It was celebrating Indianness on a different level. Watching her collection made me wonder whether the next Sabyasachi has arrived or not. Though the entire collection stayed true to its roots,the feel was very contemporary. Traditional saris gave way to skirts,wraps,tunics,capes and kurtas. Later,in the post-show interview,Paromita herself said that the collection was very all India-centric,with inspirations as varied as 'Kala Bou' helping her come up with this collection. It was aptly named 'Story of Weaves'.

After a short break,it was time for gen next designer Swati Aggarwal to show her bridal collection 'Ruling Goddess'. Though high on bling,she balanced her pieces well with the minimal make up and accessories. The elaborate head gears complemented the clothes well as the colour palette varied from ivory and dreamy pink to bolder colours like magenta. The tied up hair made the whole look non-cluttered.

                                                                                                              Coming up back to back was another young designer Neyhha Banka with her fun and vibrant collection 'Tick tack toe'. Starting out with fun prints,as the show progressed,she moved on to solid coloured maxis and saris with clever use of ombre,peplum and layering. A lot of pants were seen,varying from printed pants to solid charcoal grey ones. Things got bolder once the super short shorts and dresses started to make an appearance. As they say,only the bold stand out when it comes to fashion. The quirky headbands with tick tack toe patterns easily caught attention.

The best was finally saved for the last. Abhishek Dutta had taken the expectations a few notches higher with his decision to host his show in the almost vintage ambiance of Priya Cinema Hall in the southern part of the city. Though the show started more than an hour late,it was definitely worth the wait. He struck a fine balance between his western line and fusion range with ample use of colours like blue,purple and black. The Bold and the Beautiful truly came together to make the show a treat to the senses. The somewhat unusual idea of making the models walk down the aisles made the whole experience all the more real.

Photo credits: Debanjan Ghosh
                                                                  Though I had had a pretty hectic day,I think this was an experience I'd cherish forever. Thank you Signature,spiritzandmore and most importantly,team gingerclaps for giving me such a great opportunity!

Sunday, 19 August 2012

O sweet melancholy

O sweet melancholy,you make things feel right.
I don't quite know you yet but I have a feeling I will.
The hours of shame will make way for glory,Delgadina,
the hours of shame will make way for glory.

Let's make it up to the sky.
Cry for the senile owls,
cry for the vile fishes,
cry for the insane trees.

Meeting  Reema of The Dark Angel fame(I tried but couldn't find the link,must be something wrong with her blog) was like meeting my soul sister with short hair! We get along THAT well! And she got me chocolates and nail paints! *Throws kisses around*
And I wore the same outfit to a movie date with boyfriend but never really managed to take pictures. So,had to repeat it once again since I was hell bent on showing the world my girlie side(with all the pink).

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Of boredom and other things

This is how falling asleep must feel like-peaceful,dizzy,effortless and numb. I'm getting older too. All of twenty two and already over life. "Have you always been a loner? Does it still feel lonely at times?",he asks,sitting right opposite me. I'm not sure whether I heard the question right or not. I've been floating all around these days. I feel light and heavy at the same time. It hasn't rained much this year. The overcast sky looked beautiful from the Shobhabazaar ghaat last night. I remembered a face I used to make when I was five. This new flat is spacious,basic and characterless. It gives me a proper canvas to throw my colours at but I still can't write. Nor can I make love. Everything seems to be such an effort! Just not worth it. Staring at the ceiling is WAY better. It makes me feel alive,in the oddest way. I'm just so tired! O I'm just so tired!

Sunday, 8 July 2012

"Child,look at me."

"Child,look at me",
turn back.
The night is scary.
Scarier than fairytale movies.
Because it won't warn you before the fangs go deep down.
They aren't spiders.
And my English isn't pretty.

I'm drunk,child,
are you?
You drank milk,huh?
Smell me,
touch me,
I'm available.
I'm the liveliest showpiece ever.
I'll die when you want me to.
I'm alive though.
And I come for free.

Alcohol isn't entirely a bad thing
though your parents might tell you otherwise.
I never saw them,
I never will.
Because they live inside the woods
and go for morning walks in their trench coats
when I'm busy fighting my hangovers.

Child,I'm a likeable person,
I really am.
I'll pour you milk and pat your back.
I think you'd like me.

It's the night that makes me violent,child.
Do you understand?
Would you?
The magic of night?
The pleasure of loneliness?

Don't be scared if I puke.
I like tracing them around my loo,
they're fascinating.
And scary.

But I'll save you.
From all the evil forces.
Because I'm one of them only.

But I'll kill you too.
Because innocence never gave the world anything
apart from the momentary hallucination.
And I'm here to save the world,believe it or not.
In my pink lingerie and electric blue flip flops.

In case you're wondering,yes,that was indeed written while I was dead drunk. Thank you for asking. And now,the pictures from a friend's b'day. We went to China Town(again) for lunch and then to Mocha for hookah. It was fun finishing a hookah all by myself,for the first time ever! Never mind the drowsiness though.:P

Palazzo pant-B.K.Market,yellow shrug and pink pumps-Shreeram Arcade,Leather band-Sudder Street,blue blouse,clutch,owl pendant,charm and earrings-gifted

Friday, 29 June 2012

Joint overdose and animal prints

I'll fight for legalising marijuana until it kills me.
I love poison.
Blue is my favourite colour.
So is pink.
And white too.
But I don't like weddings.
They're so pretentious!
And I'm too pretentious to make peace with pretence!

I hope you're having fun.
I really do.
Pack some seashells for me
for I'm going to make my own sea down here.

You're not welcome,
nobody is.
I won't wear bikinis,
I got cellulite thigh.
Or maybe I'll.
Will just throw a sarong over.

Stay away because I'm highly contagious,
stay away because I'm fucking broke,
stay away because I'm drunk,
stay away because I don't exist.

Words are all that will stay with you.
I'll be off,soon.
Don't bother looking for me
because I'll be talking to the moon.

Dress worn as a blouse and sling-B.K.Market,White denims and blazer-Simpark Mall,pumps-Shreeram Arcade,watch-vintage,owl pendant-gifted

Bestie's b'day made me wake up at 7 a.m.(on my own,with adequate help from mobile alarms of course) and change into my one and only animal print dress. This time I wore it as a top since we had plans for the whole day and comfort was on the top of my checklist. We watched Spider man in the morning(it's SO NOT amazing,trust me),went to China Town for a sumptuous lunch and then came back to my room for a good ol' adda session. Movie and lunch meant AC. So,thought would try layering after almost three months! Animal prints can go horribly wrong with gold jewellery if not done properly. And since I'm no animal print pro,decided to team it with a contrasting silver instead. The sling is a new buy and an absolute favourite! I was almost happy.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

I'm strong...

I'm strong.
It's just that I like to play docile.
It's the girl in me.
I want to come to your bed wearing pink lingerie and put you to sleep.
I won't sing lullabies.
I'll give you a blow job instead.
A friend of mine told me just the other day that he has never experienced a blow job.
I don't feel bad for him because I don't love him as much as I should.
Or maybe I do.
I'm just indifferent.

I don't want to be a poet.
Poets are pretentious people with greasy hair and hairy chest.
And they go for vacations.
They live in a make-believe world and make you believe in it.
You're the only one being cheated,really.

Poetry is dangerous.
It flows in your blood and you can never get rid of it.
Spines crack and jaws hurt.

Crazy reality check,huh?
Don't feel bad.
We've all been there,done that.
Some stayed back,some didn't.

I don't want to sleep with you,soldier.
Your uniform stinks.
I'd pour you a drink and then watch you masturbate instead.
I won't give you the bed though.
You'll be on the floor-crying out
while I sleep peacefully.
Sounds don't bother me because I'm drunk.

 If that wasn't insane enough to make you leave the page,well,I love you too. So,here goes a picture for you! It was taken during one of my shopping trips. It was raining. So,I HAD TO wear skirts or shorts. This one has been lying unused for a month or so. So,decided to wear it. The blouse was a gift from my aunt and it's almost four-year old! And as far as the background is concerned,well,my love for my shoes is well-known. It's been a few months since I bought my last pair of shoes. So,thought they deserved a special treatment.

Skirt-New Market,blouse-Metro Plaza,kolhapuris-Shreeram Arcade,sling-Emami,watch-vintage

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

P for palazzo!

Yes,people! I got my first pair of palazzo pants! After months of worrying,planning and unplanning,I decided to ditch the lollypop look and embrace volume instead. And exams are over too! How cool is that,huh? I was so happy that I decided to grace you all with an outfit post(Never mind the location,:P)! This bag is a new buy too and I can't have enough of it! The pink pumps are obviously OLD but they're my favourites. So,I end up wearing them a lot more than I probably should. Decided to layer the look a little with the leather band and the antique watch.
                                                                     And now,time for 'poetry',people!

The moons are talking to me tonight.
I've to listen to them
before the suns arrive.

The suns are bossy and they turn me off.
I'll pack my bags and leave.
The empty bottle(s) will make a clinking sound to keep me company.

I'll reach before you can say 'blah'.
I've my own work to do.
Don't call me until the curtains turn crimson.

I bleed every month.
On a particular week.
That's one of God's mysteries.
My mother gave me a white tampon to cover up the shame with.
I'll get rid of it soon.
And be proud of my blood.
It'll drop down my legs-
down,down and swoop!
No,you'll never be the one sucking it up
because I'm in love with myself.

I'll take a walk and finish my drink.
Feel free to miss me.
Or not.
I'm cool either way.

"Life is pointless and it's fun living that way",
only if you knew.

Sunday, 3 June 2012


I wish love came without a baggage.
I wish I could behead everyone.
I wish I didn't have to greet everybody with a fake smile.

The girl sat behind me in the park.
She was busy making plans with her fiancee.
After a while,her words started to sound more like a bzzzzzz...
I took a walk,came back and she was still there.
Talking about dinner plans,table reservations and caramel popcorn.
Ah,simple pleasures,I tell you.

But I never wanted it the simple way,
the easy way.
I wanted the mountains to break apart.
All that came out was a disinterested sigh.
Funny I was too lazy to even let that out.

"Life is and will be fucking her in every possible way",said one of my ex-admirers,
and I agree.
I just wish it weren't this boring.
Trying out a few more positions would have been fun.

As I keep drowning myself into an endless sea of pussy,
I take a meaningful look all around.
People look small and insignificant,
I keep getting bigger than everything.
It's not my ego,I got none.
It's just my tummy.

I'll rise some day,
or bury myself in the shit.
It's my wish.
It really is.

Let's take a walk,come back and talk about other things because 'fun' isn't fun unless it's 'fun'.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

A lot of voices...

A sparrow came to me last night,
drenched and shivering.
Yes,it had rained last night.
It came because it had a story to tell.
A story that sounded so funny standing in front of the rain-soaked balcony.
A story about the happy sun,in its brightest yellow.
A story about the pregnant trees,dancing the Samba.
I had no time for all these stupid ranting but I didn't want to be rude.

Poet,I'm not gifted but I'm angry.
Angry enough to crush your skull to death.
I don't caress birds,placing them on my thigh,
but I don't kill them either.

Dear dance instructor,I don't love you.
No matter where you go,Delhi or Lucknow,
I won't miss you.
I DO wonder at times how it'd have been to melt into your embrace though.
But that's pure lust.

Dear lady in the metro,I'm not particularly fond of your cleavage-revealing blouse.
It's plain crass,if you ask me.
But I guess it keeps your marriage alive and kicking,
so,I don't mind.
Who am I to judge anyway?

Of cheap cigarettes and posh hookahs,
of sighs never earned and kisses never asked for,
my drunken nocturnal self keeps all the wasted senses intact.
And I keep on living.
Let's drink to life,the greatest joke ever cracked.

P.S.And today,I'm going to share with you all the last episode of the Bloggers' meet part I. The spotlight is on Ayantika today. We both are Engineers,we both swear by colored bottoms and we both are blessed with a few extra pounds. But these are DEFINITELY not why we are like a house on fire! Her purple denims were so pretty that even my other friends who saw her pictures on my Facebook profile started inquiring about its whereabouts.*Wink*
Also,if you've noticed,during the Bloggers' meet posts,I let my girls hog the limelight and chose to stay away. Well,I'm as selfless and oblivious of publicity as that.
                                                                             The more believable reason? I don't have my pictures since after the first few minutes,we decided to take all the pictures using Anu's camera and I never got the snaps back,except for the group photo.*Tears and sobs*
Now that you've got the ugly confession out of me and I'm no more the selfless friend promoting other friends for free,can I go to sleep? Thank you.*Farts and barps*