Saturday, 16 March 2013

New Globus Chennai Store Launch Review

If you know your fashion,Globus is a name that you just cannot miss. Classy,flirty,quirky,whatever be your style,Globus has something for you in store. And unlike many of the other high street brands,Globus has been able to reach out to the small town shoppers as vigorously as their big city counterparts. The launch of its recent store at Phoenix Market City,Chennai saw the unveiling of a collection with the right balance of fun and understated elegance. The collection was inspired by at least thirty different styles-Copacabana, Nautical inspired look, Chroma Light, Psychobilly Rebels, Marrakech Souk, White Sensation & Summer of Love to name a few. The ethnic wear collection saw a vast range of inspirations ranging from classic Banithani paintings, Kashmiri Embroidery to the traditional mode of entertainment –Kathputli- A puppet show. The ethnic wear collection didn't limit itself within the diverse cultural influences of India only but chartered into other territories like Fairy Tales, Future Trousseau, Floral Bliss, Glam Girl, Summer Blossom, Summer in Venice, Summer of Love and Urban Nomad etc. The womens' wear collection mostly used flirty florals and summery whites while the mens' wear collection had a lot of exciting checks, stripes and colored denims.
                                                                                                                So,the next time you're in Chennai,don't forget to drop by their store at Phoenix Market City,142,Velacheri Main Road,Chennai-600042 because no visit is complete without a shopping extravaganza like the one Globus has in store for you. I'll leave you with the pictures. Have fun and like I always say,keep it stylish. Love.
The sneak-peek is bound to take you upstairs

Like I said,

And when you arrive,

Like these eager shoppers,

You'll find an array of options to choose from

Girlie prints,dreamy pastels or bold colors

Monday, 11 March 2013

Summers are here!

So,the piece of news is that summers are here since our city isn't blessed with a season called spring. I'll be honest,I'm not the biggest fan of this season. I hate the perspiration,I hate the almost non-existent opportunities of layering,I hate the clumsy feel...Actually,apart from the seasonal fruits and the afternoon nap(which is a luxury I can't afford any more),I hate almost everything about summers. But,since I can still cheat and coax myself into believing that it's not summer-summer yet,thanks to the evening breeze,I leave no stones unturned to take a long walk down my favourite parts of the city in the afternoon(read after 5). There's one thing I love about the hot yet not so summery afternoons these days-I get to show my legs without getting an uneven(and therefore bad) tan! So,decided to meet up my girlies for an evening of cupcakes and everything fun(don't worry,the health freak in me is very much alive. So,I let them gain all the weight and had only green tea and coleslaw sandwich). There's this little place called Mrs Magpie near Vivekananda Park. We thought Anu's new DSLR deserved a cute setting like this one for its first outing. The results are here for you-

Skirt,ring,jooti-New Market,cuff-Park Street,top-gifted,sling-B.K.Market