Thursday, 23 February 2012

Fantabulous February-day twenty three

I look in the mirror.
I see myself.
Lopsided,imperfect but happy.
I see the scary roads I walked down.
And suddenly they don't look that scary.
I see the mistakes I made over the years.
And suddenly they don't seem that terrible.
Turning back can be re-living the horror of failure for some,
but for me,it's just coming out of the frame and looking at it.
Yes,that's how memories are.
Upside down.

P.S.After a not-so-long(but loathed anyway)break,I'm back with another Fantabulous February post. Kanika of Sensitive Chaos can inspire one in funny ways. I'm writing a happy post,can you even imagine? I'll give some credit to fellow blogger Rahul too. He writes beautifully,without giving in to the temptation of being frustrated,disturbed and angry. Yeah,I believe it's easy to write in pain or anger but it's tougher to produce a beautiful piece exuding loads of positivity. But that doesn't mean happiness isn't beautiful,right? That sure as hell doesn't.


  1. Nice, happy and well written post!! Thanx for your lovely comment :)


  2. you have done a beautiful job here, everything about the vast past, the never ending trail of memories, of days gone by, which is quite difficult to express/describe in a few lines yet you have done exactly that ! you have encapsulated everything in a few lines yet these few lines are enough to get a glimpse of your heart and make us co-participants in your journey ! Really You have done a good job !

  3. Thank you so much,Sanghamitra! I could say somewhat similar regarding your recent post too.:-)

  4. This is really nice :) :) No regrets about the past is something not many can achieve . Cheers :)

  5. I look in the mirror. I see a pimple. I freak out. Are those dark circles and fine lines? am I getting fat? aah these hairfall.. aaaaaaaaaargh.. guess my mind is still not moderated to be "happy.. happy".. I can already understand what menopausal women might feel even if am 3 decades away from them.. sigh.. love you. Remain happy. :D

  6. I look in the mirror, and I see someone else. Someone I don't know.

    1. Happens with most of us,Eprilis. Maybe you can write about that on your blog and we'll see what it reminds us of.