Monday, 6 February 2012

The signs have been gathering,for long.
The signs of the shell being broken,
bit by bit,
I didn't quite realize till the brightness of the morning sun almost blinded my too black eyes.
My grandfather used to say,"you've got the cow's eyes-serene,peaceful...
you take everything in but seldom give anything away."
I thought that was supposed to be a compliment and chose to stick to it during my dark days.
I was fashionably dull.
Everything was perfect till the sun took charge.
It forced me to react,to shield my eyes,
in pain,in irritation,in shock.

The signs have been gathering,for long.
The signs have been gathering dust.
I thought I was too smart to listen to them.
I was educated,intelligent,well-read.
Nothing was 'meant to be'.
It was just a myth.
So,I didn't give a rat's ass when he went away without saying 'good bye'.
I couldn't care less when nothing,absolutely nothing would work out.
I kept fighting till I realized it was a lost battle,from the very beginning.
Yes,the signs have been gathering.
I just chose to ignore them.

Still not convinced?
 What proof do you need?
No,I'm not asking you.
I often find myself asking the question.
The answer is far from articulate.
Just a heavy sigh.
A sigh full of garlic breath,
a sigh emboldened with age-old 'told ya' glances,
a sign burdened with suppressed sobs...
Just a sigh.
But hard to miss.

P.S.This post is inspired from the teaser Kanika of Sensitive Chaos gave us.She has started this fantabulous February thing on her blog where she posts a thought and we're supposed to write about it and mail her the links.This girl's one hell of a writer! Please check her blog out.It's CRIMINAL OFFENCE to read my posts before reading hers!


  1. I definitely need to head over and check out her blog!
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  5. A message to other disturbed people that killing is a way to fame.....It was the possibility of darkness that made the day seem so bright :)