Friday, 29 June 2012

Joint overdose and animal prints

I'll fight for legalising marijuana until it kills me.
I love poison.
Blue is my favourite colour.
So is pink.
And white too.
But I don't like weddings.
They're so pretentious!
And I'm too pretentious to make peace with pretence!

I hope you're having fun.
I really do.
Pack some seashells for me
for I'm going to make my own sea down here.

You're not welcome,
nobody is.
I won't wear bikinis,
I got cellulite thigh.
Or maybe I'll.
Will just throw a sarong over.

Stay away because I'm highly contagious,
stay away because I'm fucking broke,
stay away because I'm drunk,
stay away because I don't exist.

Words are all that will stay with you.
I'll be off,soon.
Don't bother looking for me
because I'll be talking to the moon.

Dress worn as a blouse and sling-B.K.Market,White denims and blazer-Simpark Mall,pumps-Shreeram Arcade,watch-vintage,owl pendant-gifted

Bestie's b'day made me wake up at 7 a.m.(on my own,with adequate help from mobile alarms of course) and change into my one and only animal print dress. This time I wore it as a top since we had plans for the whole day and comfort was on the top of my checklist. We watched Spider man in the morning(it's SO NOT amazing,trust me),went to China Town for a sumptuous lunch and then came back to my room for a good ol' adda session. Movie and lunch meant AC. So,thought would try layering after almost three months! Animal prints can go horribly wrong with gold jewellery if not done properly. And since I'm no animal print pro,decided to team it with a contrasting silver instead. The sling is a new buy and an absolute favourite! I was almost happy.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

I'm strong...

I'm strong.
It's just that I like to play docile.
It's the girl in me.
I want to come to your bed wearing pink lingerie and put you to sleep.
I won't sing lullabies.
I'll give you a blow job instead.
A friend of mine told me just the other day that he has never experienced a blow job.
I don't feel bad for him because I don't love him as much as I should.
Or maybe I do.
I'm just indifferent.

I don't want to be a poet.
Poets are pretentious people with greasy hair and hairy chest.
And they go for vacations.
They live in a make-believe world and make you believe in it.
You're the only one being cheated,really.

Poetry is dangerous.
It flows in your blood and you can never get rid of it.
Spines crack and jaws hurt.

Crazy reality check,huh?
Don't feel bad.
We've all been there,done that.
Some stayed back,some didn't.

I don't want to sleep with you,soldier.
Your uniform stinks.
I'd pour you a drink and then watch you masturbate instead.
I won't give you the bed though.
You'll be on the floor-crying out
while I sleep peacefully.
Sounds don't bother me because I'm drunk.

 If that wasn't insane enough to make you leave the page,well,I love you too. So,here goes a picture for you! It was taken during one of my shopping trips. It was raining. So,I HAD TO wear skirts or shorts. This one has been lying unused for a month or so. So,decided to wear it. The blouse was a gift from my aunt and it's almost four-year old! And as far as the background is concerned,well,my love for my shoes is well-known. It's been a few months since I bought my last pair of shoes. So,thought they deserved a special treatment.

Skirt-New Market,blouse-Metro Plaza,kolhapuris-Shreeram Arcade,sling-Emami,watch-vintage

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

P for palazzo!

Yes,people! I got my first pair of palazzo pants! After months of worrying,planning and unplanning,I decided to ditch the lollypop look and embrace volume instead. And exams are over too! How cool is that,huh? I was so happy that I decided to grace you all with an outfit post(Never mind the location,:P)! This bag is a new buy too and I can't have enough of it! The pink pumps are obviously OLD but they're my favourites. So,I end up wearing them a lot more than I probably should. Decided to layer the look a little with the leather band and the antique watch.
                                                                     And now,time for 'poetry',people!

The moons are talking to me tonight.
I've to listen to them
before the suns arrive.

The suns are bossy and they turn me off.
I'll pack my bags and leave.
The empty bottle(s) will make a clinking sound to keep me company.

I'll reach before you can say 'blah'.
I've my own work to do.
Don't call me until the curtains turn crimson.

I bleed every month.
On a particular week.
That's one of God's mysteries.
My mother gave me a white tampon to cover up the shame with.
I'll get rid of it soon.
And be proud of my blood.
It'll drop down my legs-
down,down and swoop!
No,you'll never be the one sucking it up
because I'm in love with myself.

I'll take a walk and finish my drink.
Feel free to miss me.
Or not.
I'm cool either way.

"Life is pointless and it's fun living that way",
only if you knew.

Sunday, 3 June 2012


I wish love came without a baggage.
I wish I could behead everyone.
I wish I didn't have to greet everybody with a fake smile.

The girl sat behind me in the park.
She was busy making plans with her fiancee.
After a while,her words started to sound more like a bzzzzzz...
I took a walk,came back and she was still there.
Talking about dinner plans,table reservations and caramel popcorn.
Ah,simple pleasures,I tell you.

But I never wanted it the simple way,
the easy way.
I wanted the mountains to break apart.
All that came out was a disinterested sigh.
Funny I was too lazy to even let that out.

"Life is and will be fucking her in every possible way",said one of my ex-admirers,
and I agree.
I just wish it weren't this boring.
Trying out a few more positions would have been fun.

As I keep drowning myself into an endless sea of pussy,
I take a meaningful look all around.
People look small and insignificant,
I keep getting bigger than everything.
It's not my ego,I got none.
It's just my tummy.

I'll rise some day,
or bury myself in the shit.
It's my wish.
It really is.

Let's take a walk,come back and talk about other things because 'fun' isn't fun unless it's 'fun'.