Friday, 24 February 2012

Fantabulous February-day twenty four

She keeps reading.
The glasses start getting a little blurred.
Her nose starts sweating.
The bulb flickers.
The naked light hits her eyes too hard.

Attention shy,she devours every piece of paper that comes her way,
crinkling her curious blackheads-studded nose a little.
Ah,the nose.
Does not remind one of the crests.
In fact,one doesn't really notice it till it gives way to the pimples adoring her cheeks.

No matter how she seeks refuge in the books,
she wants to be pretty too.
She wants to be the popular queen bee in school.
She wants someone other than her teachers to love her.
She wants to feel the adventure of sneaking into her room after late night parties.
She wants breasts-big,juicy,bouncy ones.
She wants to see the first smoke curling out of her nose.

The bulb crushes her back to reality.
The reality of perfect grades and empty souls.
That no amount of Jane Austen can cure.

P.S.This post is inspired from Fantabulous February-day twenty four by Kanika on her blog Sensitive Chaos.Just so we're clear,the protagonist here bears little resemblance to me. I DID have blackheads and pimples and I was no queen bee but at the same time,I was blessed with THE CURVES(if you know what I mean) and I was far from a nerd. I've always been quite a reader though but that wasn't because of the emptiness in my personal life. If anything,my personal life was a lot more colorful than that of most of my friends. The nose described here,though,is hundred percent mine,I'll give you that. But I managed pretty well with that one. So,no complaints.*Wink*


  1. Love is all we need- this famous Beatles song sums it all. No matter how hard we wok at school or office or in a farmland or in the mines even, we all need love- no amount of good grades, awards, recognition can replace that or compensate for that- but I feel that when we grow up, we finally start to realise that it is by giving love that our souls are satisfied rather than 'wanting to be loved because "wanting to be loved" is still a struggle, a painful struggle but giving is so easy, it sets us free and also because givers are few , needy are many !
    Anyway, Soumi, you have summed up your protagonist's innermost want in such a beautiful manner, I feel that the protagonist seeks love in acceptance or in freedom - that is so natural for everyone.

    1. You're so right,Sanghamitra! It realized it rather late though. And as far as the 'beautiful manner' is concerned,well,humbled.:-)

  2. This is filled with truth of so called LIFE!!

  3. Wow. Awesome work. I love the description of the nose.

    1. Oh,I had some facts to work with. Wasn't a problem.;-)

  4. seems like a 'garland of freshly cut tears'. borrowed words, sorry. :)

    1. Ha ha...that's okay. Borrowing once in a while is healthy or so I'd like to believe.;-)