Sunday, 26 February 2012

Fantabulous February-day twenty six!

I kept the tattered flower carefully folded in my diary.
Hoping it'd blossom some day,
provided it got the tender love and care it was used to.
At least until you 'bought' it for me.

You don't matter that much any more.
You don't,really.
But I DO love the flower.
It reminds me of myself in weird ways-


It's not a gift from you any more.
I've formed a bond with it.
We've a story of our own now.
And you feature nowhere in it.

She's my Miranda.
I'm her Lizzy.
I keep talking,
she listens to me with all the patience in the world.

We go window shopping together.
Though I'm yet to know what she admires over there.
We spend hours in the Crossword,
going through the books she and I both get lost in.
She,because they're too vast for her fragile self.
I,because I've always felt safe hiding behind words.

I gulp down phuchkas,
she laughs at me.
I cry my lungs out,
she never wipes my tears.
She still is my best friend.

At times,I wish I could give her something other than my age-old diary and my yellowed words.
You know,she deserves much,much more.
At least a shelter,food,clothes.
The basic necessities a human being is entitled to.
You know,just because she doesn't have two legs,two hands and a genital organ,
it doesn't mean she doesn't have a soul.
And I'd have a soul over stray limbs any day,for reasons so obvious to you.

P.S.This is part of Fantabulous February-day twenty six by Kanika on her blog Sensitive Chaos. If my attempt felt incomplete somehow,it struck the right chords. That was EXACTLY how you were supposed to feel. I can't believe Fantabulous February is coming to an end though! I LOVED it to death!


  1. Okay that was deep!
    "And I'd have a soul over stray limbs any day,for reasons so obvious to you." THIS there did it to me. :)
    And Fantabulous Feb will be missed oh so dearly!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you,Sherene1 That's really sweet of you!

  3. I don't know if you intended it that way but i felt that the flower was playing a metaphor for the person who gave it to you?

  4. I do agree that time may come and go ...but some relations are forever... as I wrote in one of my blogs- that a lifeless thing can give us so much comfort.
    Loved the personification of a diary, as attempted by you- remember Anne Frank ? some things are like that-we form a deep bond with things also , apart from people.
    It is all a matter of what we "give" to it-and how freely- does such freedom exist in human relations ? Maybe not always.

    1. Yeah,I'm one hell of an Anne Frank fan! God knows what that girl would have done had she been alive a few more years. The very fact that you mentioned HER made my day!