Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Now it's my turn

So,I was tagged by the amazing Lunapark Queen to answer the following questions. I was super excited! I've always LOVED interviews! And here toh,I don't even have to wear formals!*Wink*
What's in it for you,you might ask. Well,to be honest,nothing. I'm not a celebrity. So,knowing me better will fetch you no brownie points from your star struck friends or siblings. I'm not a favorite with the sponsors(though I DID get an offer or two a few months back but I turned them down since I wasn't ready for such a huge commitment). So,I don't see myself arranging a giveaway in the near future. But,from my experience,the world is still full of wonderfully selfless people who'll go through whatever you write for no self-interest,none whatsoever. How else do I explain the comments I get for every post of mine? So,here it goes,
1. The most meaningful sentence?
     “Language is courage: the ability to conceive a thought, to speak it, and by doing so to make it true.”
― Salman Rushdie,The Satanic Verses

2. A must for your make up?
     Jet black Kohl. I feel orphaned without it1 Can't even think of going to the local supermarket without it!

3. What's your beauty secret?
     Go natural. I use as few beauty products as possible and try to opt for natural ingredients whenever possible.

4. Favourite drink?
    Gin and tonic,beer and good ol' watermelon slush.

5. What do you hate?
     i)People who try to voice their opinions at the cost of suppressing that of others.
     ii)Possessive boyfriends. Don't tell me what to do,I'm blessed with senses of my own.Thank you very much.
    iii)Imposing dress codes on me.
    iv)Self-obsessed people
I DO hate a LOT of other things but I won't bore you with all the details(See?I DO have a heart! People call me a soulless bitch for no reason!).

6. Favorite flavor?
    I'll go old school. Chocolate,hands down. Mint comes a close second.

7. Favorite book?
    'Unaccustomed Earth' by Jhumpa Lahiri.

8. Who do you look like?
     Honestly,no idea! But one of my ex-boyfriends said I looked like the starlet Udita Goswami. If you don't know her,feel free to google her. I'm sure there will be a few search results. She's at least this popular!

9. A product you don't like but everybody loves?
    The Avon strawberry lip balm. It's really popular among my friends and family. I use it too but somehow,I never warmed up to the color.

10. Which cosmetic products would you like to buy now?
       The smudge proof kohl from Revlon and the red lipsticks from MAC. Pure lust!
It's your turn now!
Feel free to tag yourself and answer the questions. Waiting for your version. XOXO.


  1. Love this. I used to love filling up stuff like this. Hehe. Takes me back to the good ol' days...


  2. For some reason, Jhumpa Lahiri's name brings to my mind that song from Namesake, ye mohabbat....no relation to what yo were talking about though;)

    1. That's okay,Emm.That's the beauty of words,right?Everyone has their own interpretation,each one more amusing than the other.

  3. Interesting read :D
    Am tagging myself :P
    Here is the link to my post-

  4. You seem to mention your ex-bfs often in your posts...:-D
    Or maybe the few posts I read just happened to contain references to them;-)
    ...Hmmm...interesting answers...you seem to be a voracious reader....:-) I like that....