Thursday, 24 January 2013

Adrenalize 2013-part II

Even though this is the outfit post I had promised,I'm doing this post to give you a big piece of news. Well,as far as the fash-frat of India(and abroad) is concerned,Fashion Bombay needs no introduction,does it? For us fashion bloggers,Sonu and Jasleen from Fashion Bombay epitomise everything fashion. We have stopped keeping track of the endless days we have spent arguing over who to pick as a favourite-Sonu or Jasleen. Then we kind of reached a conclusion in order to put an end to it. We decided that Jasleen is the most well-dressed Mrs. while Sonu is her bachelor counterpart. Now,they have decided to unsettle our lives once again because,hold your breath,our very own Sonu is getting married! Our heartiest congratulations to the newly-married couple! And,do keep an eye on their blog for the wedding special posts! Meanwhile,feel free to check the tribute I had given them on my blog long back here.
                                                                                               And now,coming back to the outfit I wore to Adrenalize 2013,here are the pictures. Enjoy and keep it stylish.
Denims-Simpark mall,bird print shirt,pink cardigan,blue sling,blue ring,yellow brogues-B.K.Market,silver ring,hairband-New Market

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Adrenalize 2013

The world of blogging has opened up so many opportunities to me that I can't even stop talking about it once I start! I'm thankful to my whimsical self for suddenly coming up with the idea of having a personal space where I could rant all I wanted. Who knew I'd actually get hired for covering awesome events,thanks to all that ranting?
                                                                                                       I've always been interested in the media but getting professionally hired to cover events like hotshot press people is something else. Credit goes to Ginger Claps for bringing out the page 3 reporter side of me. Without them,I'd have been just another wannabe clicking pictures of myself in regular outfits and trying to get her voice heard. After the first wine tasting occasion Four Seasons came up with at Oasis(and treated us bloggers to yummy delicacies
paired with yummier wines,if I might add),it was time for the annual gym party at the Tolly Club sponsored by Four Seasons and ITC Sonar. When Four Seasons was there,I just knew that the party couldn't have got any cooler. The icing on the cake?We were to be given unlimited wine! So,all us Kolkata bloggers decided that this is one party we CANNOT miss at any cost!
                                                    We reached the venue around 7 p.m. and were asked to participate in the
wine trail if we were interested. We decided to go in and start drinking instead.So,imagine our disappointment when we found out that the winners of the wine trail were to be given,well,what else,wine as gifts. The wine bottles served at our table helped us get over the disastrous consequences of our actions. In order to console us heartbroken alcoholics,a very hospitable Mr. P.P.K.Mitter took us to the photo-booth where we could not only get ourselves clicked against the brand logo but get the printout of the pictures in a flat fifteen minutes! Even though the models with the watch-glass figure who were there to click pictures with us gave me a complex,the excitement of showing my mom that I finally am taking my baby steps towards becoming quite the social butterfly(yes,for her,photographs are only those that come in a piece of paper)overcame everything. The horse racing started in no time and amidst the fun and laughter started the two biggest attractions of the evening-the live dessert demonstration by eminent chefs from ITC Sonar and the grape-stomping. Megha,being the fitness freak she is,wasted no time in getting ALL the healthy cooking tips from the chef while taking down a few notes. Post-cooking,it was time to pounce upon the healthy dessert made using Four Seasons wines,masacarpone,pears etc. Contrary to our expectation,we got to know that dessert needn't always be sweet,it's just a preparation we end our meals with.The dessert the chef made wasn't too sweet and that's why I could see myself finishing off kilos of it without feeling even slightly guilty.To add to our culinary vocab,the chef gave us hard copies of the recipe too. The grape-stomping turned out to be THE event that night! We all had eew-eewed at the idea of making someone else drink our feet. Worse,we were thinking what if I end up drinking my own feet? But once we decided to shed our inhibition and just get in there,it proved to be one of THE most exciting things we've ever done! We were too busy having fun to even take a picture! Post fun session,emcee Gunjan announced that it was time to hit the dance floor. After more than one serving of chicken tikka,paneer tikka and mutton hyderabadi biryani with salan,thanks to our free food coupons,we were definitely in a mood to burn some calorie. DJ Happy's scintillating beats set us grooving in no time. Debi made her debut on the dance floor and had quite a time. But then,that we all did. I can't thank Four Seasons and Ginger Claps enough for inviting us to be a part of the event! Okay,I'll shut up now and let the pictures do the talking. I've one outfit post coming up too but more on that later. Take care and keep it stylish,y'all!

Saturday, 12 January 2013

A new year without resolutions

Red blouse and checked jacket-Metro Plaza,black shorts,ring and stockings-New Market,sling-Simpark Mall,shoes-B.K.Market

Even though 2013 started with a whiskey shot,as the crescendo went higher in the nightclubs near my place,I lost myself in my dreams with my best friend sleeping next to me. After a few drinks are downed,the hookah starts to weave its magic and the world seems unbelievably happy. 2012 was a year of all things new. I got back to the dating game after years,I got into a B school,I started dancing at the parties,I tried to get over my obsession with dance and I fell in love with myself all over again. It was a year of success and failure. It was a year of accepting my flaws and being happy with them. It was a year of rediscovering myself. So,on 1st Jan,2013,around 2 a.m.,when I was sleeping peacefully in the arms of the girl who has always loved me unconditionally,I realised I was a content person. I have accepted my defeat as far as many of my earlier passions are concerned. I no more think that I have it in me to become a good dancer. I no more fight with my mom and tell her that I want to be alone because it's fashionably poetic. I know I'm not ready for a relationship. I probably would never be ready. But I know I don't want to die alone. I know the empty walls of my room give me the creeps. I know death doesn't smell like sweet baby breath and I know all my dark fantasies were fake. I love life no matter what I claim. I broke many promises and I'm hardly perfect. While stepping into the new year,I didn't want to fool myself with many more false promises. I want 2013 to be another year of imperfection. I want to make mistakes. I want to fall in love,again. I'm not afraid to fall out of love either. I want to laugh,I want to cry. I want to count stars and sleep with my mouth wide open. I want to live my life to the fullest even if that means losing out on a few 'opportunities for the betterment of my career'. I want to have fun with my friends and go to bed with no complaints. Who knew it'd take three bad relationships to make an optimist out of me?
                                                                The pictures are from the semi-meet I had told you about. I've not been able to meet my girls that frequently ever since college started. I more than made up for it in December with one meet and two semi-meets. This one happened when Sushmita came to Kolkata. I've been an ardent follower of her blog for years! So,Anu suggested we all meet for shopping. So,we went for a shopping extravaganza at B.K.Market first where all of them bought shoes except for yours truly(yes,contrary to popular belief,I don't shop impulsively. I buy everything after a lot of planning). Then we had chaat,phuchka and tikiya chhola at Lord Sinha Road,lusted over some more shoes at Lady Gaga,sat at the ground floor of Metro Plaza and had an enthusiastic discussion about Delhi men,Masaba Gupta and quirky prints. So,a fun day without making a hole in my wallet,you see.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Turning 23

Once I'm done having my fair share of fun on Christmas and NYE,the only occasion that I look forward to till Durga Pujo is probably my b'day. I not only love my b'day like anything, I want others to love it too. So, even though I drag my friends to walk for hours for finding the perfect gift for me, I believe in treating them to a hearty meal that day(not to mention anything about how insanely fun I tend to be on my b'day). This year, my friends decided to chip in to give me a hookah for my b'day. And, half of my class dropped by for a grand(low on ambiance, high on enjoyment) party at my place. I got a lot of gifts from them that I'd be wearing in my coming outfit posts. Till then,I'll leave you with the pictures and, I almost forgot, happy new year!
Shoes,bag,bird-print shirt-B.K.Market,white denims-Simpark mall,red blazer,rings-New Market,headband-Gariahat

The grilled or baked(read fried) fish,:-P

The main course spread

P.S. We played host to Sushmita when she came to Kolkata last week.  But, more on that later.