Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Pastel love with neon pop

Floral pants,shirt,lace booties,sling-B.K.Market,ring-gifted,cuff-New Market

Picture Credits-Anu
Sorry for the unexplained absence on the blog-o-sphere. I'm still busy mourning Durga Pujo-the biggest and grandest festival ever,at least for us Bongs. The posts with all my saree pictures(even though they are not really perfect fashionwise,thanks to the incessant rains and the look my mom tends to give me whenever I try to experiment with traditional wear)are rotting in others' cameras. I'm planning to drive them crazy until they mail me all the pictures(cons of not owning a DSLR) and then I'll be back with an elaborate post,to hell with placement interviews and all.
                                         Meanwhile,this was the b'day party of a friend I had attended roughly a week before Pujo. If you remember my plans to wear my one and only pair of floral pants to death,you shouldn't really be surprised. Even though I'm still very much the neon bitch,I'm occasionally quite liking soft pastels. That explains the oh-so-romantic shirt(nothing like heart prints to mend a broken heart)with the very 'in' dressy collars. Yes,people. In case you haven't noticed yet,details of every possible kind are on the collars this season. The lace booties are a new addition to my shoes closet too(RIP,old yellow brogues *Tears and sobs*). And last but not the least,the ring is a gift from Mumbai I'm so in love with! I've practically been wearing it every other day since it came into my possession.
                                                                                        The news of the broken heart is out everywhere but this is one of the rarest of times when a breakup has been this pleasant-giving way to faded yet clear memories,distant enough to bring normalcy back to my life and dear enough to make me smile every once in a while. Guess I'm growing up after all. And the fact that we have been mature enough to remain friends has helped too. To be honest,I quite like myself being single-rid of the burden of trust,love and expectations to carry,free to live in the moment like I almost always have,loving visuals instead of the persons attached with them or maybe both. And a very,very special and dear friend tells me that our heart is expandable. So,no matter how many people come,anchor inside and leave their remnants there, we are never stripped off our capability to fall in love,again and again.

I wandered the streets all night,
if only I knew
all I'd have to look for
is a piece of paper
with two magic words written on it-