Saturday, 14 February 2015

Angry Lover's Valentines' Day Look

With my Valentines' Day gone as unceremoniously as every year, my sincere apologies for not painting ze blog with all the red and pink fest most of the fellow bloggers have indulged into. I'm not much of a believer in this 'Day' culture whether it's Indian or Western. However, when Dailylook asked me to be a part of their ' Style your own LBD Look' initiative, I couldn't help lusting over their gorgeous collection to put up my LBD Look.
                                                                                                  Now, LBD or Little Black Dress is a must in every girl's wardrobe. Some prefer to go the feminine route with soft makeup and dreamy curls. Some prefer to go bold with red lips and some prefer to neon it up with a pop. I, however, chose to design what I call an Angry Lover's Valentines' Day Look. The fuss-free LBD with its edgy leather feel and pockets, the fringe purse and the intricate oxford make for a 'I am too tough to be broken by the heartache you caused me' vibe. The blingy blazer scream out 'I am perfectly capable of having a life of my own' and the oh-so-in marsala lips make for a bold statement without going the mainstream red way. The gun metal ring set and spiked earcuff add to the 'Do not mess with me' feel. This is an outfit I consider perfect for all those strong, independent women who have been struck in the face but refused to back down, those who have been left scarred again and again but never shattered. This is women power at its fashionable best!
                              So, what are you waiting for? Go shop this look here or put your favourite outfit together from here! Trust me not to exaggerate when I say you'd be spoilt for choices.

Beautysets - Angry Lover's Valentines' Day Look
Angry Lover's Valentines' Day Look

I'll be back with bestie's wedding shenanigans and more. Till then, take care and like I always say, keep it stylish.

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Shop till you drop with the latest Winter Fashion Trends(Guest Post)

Wondering what to wear in this cold weather? Shop and buy some of the best Fashion Trends this Winter. Catch all the latest Winter Fashion Trends and tips that would leave you in awe.

Is there any woman on earth who does not love playing dress up? Since the Winter season is here, searching for the hip Winter Fashion Trends for this weather could be quite a tedious task. There may be plenty of style statements and tips doing the rounds, but you to need to choose the best among all. Make this Winter merrier with Classic Winter Wear outfits, accessories and Fashion Trends inspired from all the Fashion Capitals in the world.
So before you get thinking, here are some of the best takeaways this season:

•Flaunting soft and peppy colors: ‘Tis the season to be jolly’ is the line hummed by all. So, in keeping up with a happy theme, bright and white pastel shades are dominating the Fashion front. Contrasting colors are not far behind when it comes to the buzzing Winter Fashion Trends. Undertones of gray and black have found a great spot in terms of party wear and red carpet outfits. Right from hues of olive, maroon to chocolate brown, all earthy shades seem to be the ideal colors you need to watch out for. Snowy shades too make for racy Fashion Trends this Winter.

•Maintaining that mane: Gorgeous tresses with stylish cuts and highlights are raging this year. Why should you be left behind with styles that have faded out? Opt for classic and bold celeb styles right from shoulder-length bob cuts, bangs, and layers. Even funky hairstyles like fishtail braids, waterfall braids, plaits, poker straight and soft wavy curls are among the top favorite fashion trends this Winter season. Another crisp look is tucking your tresses into your Winter clothes like tops and wrapping them with mufflers.

•Donning the right hat: All hat lovers are in for a pleasant surprise. One of the hottest trends in winter wear that have caught peoples’ attention is hats. Pair large knitted beanies or Moroccan hats and large hoods with your warm fuzzy outfits to keep you all warm. Choose from a selection of elegant French bow hats to classic mascots and ball caps that will work wonders and add class to your overall ensemble.

•Wearing coats that make the cut this winter: Soft and thick fur coats that with tousled sleeves and funneled collars are among the most sought after Winter Fashion Trends. Over-sized jackets and faux fur coats create a bold appeal for parties, work functions, and events. Lightweight wool or reworked cotton form the fundamental base for all trendy designs and Winter Wear creations.

•Wrapping scarves and mufflers: This style accessory is a worldwide favorite in Winter. Coordinate them with any outfit. Available in classic colors, animal prints, neon and earthy shades, these small and large sized mufflers and scarves protect you against the cold weather as well as create a chic look.

•Walking around in the best shoes: The classic high-heel boots are never going to fade away in the world of Fashion. Be it ankle-length or knee-length, boots are majorly responsible for stealing glances from passers by. The comfort and warmth that they provide make them a sure shot winner and get them scoring on the list of the most happening Fashion Trends this Winter. Transparent laced slippers and ballerinas lend a Cinderella effect. Be very sure to pick up the right size and color as per the length of your outfit. Dazzling pumps and sandals are soon catching up and creating a trend. Wear them with laced stockings and furry Winter clothes to create a retro look.

•Playing with makeup shades and sparkling chunky jewelry: Gold and silver shimmering hues of eye-shadow create a dramatic effect along with your Winter clothes. Colored eyeliners and cherry red lip glosses too create a mystified glamorous evening look. Sport some chunky imitation jewelry like cufflinks, colored nose rings, snowflake pendants, large broaches and dangling mistletoe earrings.

•Creating effects with fabric designs and textures: Layering outfits and pairing them up with denims bring about tangled effects. It is important to blend looks and not stick to one particular look the entire season. Be more versatile with cashmere wools and mohair fabrics that protect you against the strong winter breeze. Color shaded denims of different cuts and styles add a casual appeal to the pleasing bunch of winter fashion trends. Skinny jeans and high waist denims look adorable when teamed with funky tees and oversized coats. Try as much as possible to not stick to one color. Instead of matching everything in one single shade, experiment with your shoes, Winter clothes, and other accessories in a variety of primary and secondary color palettes.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up your shopping bags and head towards local stores or designer boutiques as per your budget and grab some of the best deals. Create unmatchable Winter Fashion Trends to be the most sought after Fashion Goddess in town.

P.S. Say 'hi' to Manisha- the first guest writer on ze blog! Other than being an avid follower of this space, she has also written articles for various brands. Read one of her very helpful articles here if you haven't chanced upon it already, that is.
                                                                    Meanwhile, I'll go give my wardrobe a much-needed Spring-Summer makeover.I'll be back with some Wedding Wows and more. Till then, you take care and like I always say, keep it stylish.