Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Fantabulous Feb-day eight(title stolen from Kanika)

She wasn't strong.Days of starving hadn't thinned her waistline though.Besides,she wasn't up for a fight.So,she gently let her hands drop when he demanded.
A bunch of old letters-tattered,yellowed but carefully folded...smelling of teen love and nostalgia...Reminded him of the days he used to steal money from her mom's purse just so they could share an orange stick.Reminded him of the days he used to save a cigarette for sharing it with her...their lips taking turns to touch the damp joint,feeling each other more intimately than ever...
                                                                                                She was standing right in front of him,age had taken the last charm out of her face and turned her into one of those helplessly bent old ladies.She waited with patience unless she heard him say,"I don't know what you're talking about."
                                                                                                              The watchman showed her the door,politely but firmly.She collected her rags,wiped her nose and went away,without drawing a heavy breath.The floor didn't even trace her footsteps.maybe her feet weren't as dirty as he had hoped.Five minutes after she was gone,it was as if she never existed.
                                                                       Did she miss a drop of tear?She couldn't be sure.He always wore glasses.But the extra three seconds he took to say those words had only reaffirmed her belief.That's all she had come for.
                         The letters remained there till the next morning when the maid threw them away.
P.S.this post is inspired from the pictures Kanika posted on her blog Sensitive Chaos for Fantabulous February-day eight.Do check her blog later for her updated version.I'm LOVING this concept and I'll try my best to post every day.Please join us.