Friday, 21 October 2011

Good ol' times

It's time you say 'hello' to my friend Moumita again(If you don't remember her,click here).I've been super busy,thanks to the 'oh-so-life-changing' exam(if you missed the irony,I'm sure you're in bigger trouble than I'm and in that case,you shouldn't be wasting your time reading this post because it's neither 'meaningful' nor 'deep')on 25th Oct.So,I'm mostly holed up in my room,solving Maths,Data Interpretation problems and reading about everything from world politics and global economy to abstract art.Believe me when I say you DO NOT want me to pose in the tees and shorts I wear at home.They stink with a capital S because they're so comfortable that I don't let anyone wash them!Well,that's another story.I stopped buying tees almost two years back.So,these tees are so old and torn that I'm afraid that I won't be able to wear them and cover myself decently at the same time if they're washed.If you had finally decided to visit Kolkata and say 'hi' to me before going back to your hometown,don't cancel your plans.I'm squeaky clean once I'm out of my room.I use literally a gallon of anti perspirant roll on and spray every other day,my spraymint doesn't last more than two weeks and I don't wear the same clothes(apart from denims)more than once in a month.
                                                                            Anyway,let's get back to the real issue(Had you warned me just when I had started to go off track,you could've saved yourself a few lines of junk.Your bad.).So,since I had no time to do outfit posts,I dug out the old albums and found these pictures of hers.They're almost a month old and to be honest,I'm not a big fan of her shit flip flops.But,in her defense,she comes to Kolkata from Hyderabad all alone and she has to literally live out of a box over here.So,she tries to minimize the packing by only carrying bare essentials.In my case,it's a pair of nude pumps.In her case,it's a pair of green slippers.It's a free world,people!I also don't like the way she plays it safe with black nail paints ALL THE TIME!I just think she hides behind the 'goth'.Actually,she's afraid to experiment(At this point,I seriously hope she isn't reading this).And then,I've almost stopped wearing tees(except for dance classes and exams)and she keeps wearing them everywhere!I guess parties're the only place where she doesn't turn up in a tee.But I LOVE the beige bottoms!They're so fun and yet so basic!I can think of at least three different looks with them instantly!
                                                                                                    All said and done,she's one of my best friends and I won't have her any other way.It's these small things about her that makes her so unique!No one abuses me like she does,no one judges me like she does,no one finds me more irritating like she does but at the same time,no one loves me more.Here's to the times we've had together.Here's to the wet,clingy shirts,here's to the piping hot momos,here's to the hours of shopping,here's to the frustration of finding out that you don't love books and I don't like pasta,here's to life!


  1. @Arden,thanks!I gave it to her on her b'day last year.So,it's actually me you're complimenting.:P
    Thanks for dropping by anyway.

  2. you have a great blog! please check out my blog and follow if you like, I promise to do the same for you! xx

  3. And in my support I'd say;
    green slippers: one point u got right;
    most important is because it's comfortable; I always choose comfort over everything.

    and ur my little cutipie.i love you so much.. <3

  4. Arrey I was defending you toh!