Sunday, 2 October 2011

Shashthi morning

And finally Pujo is here! Since I'm going to be really busy for the coming few days,there'll be less writing and more pictures in here.My BFF hasn't arrived yet,so,I went out with another friend today.We visited the Ultadanga pandals(Karbagan,Telengabagan,Gouribari etc.),Sreebhumi and Laketown pandals(Sreebhumi sporting,Adhibashibrindo etc.),Dumdum Park pandals(Tarun Dol,Jubak Brindo,Bharat Chakra etc.) and Saltlake pandals(FD,Laboni,AD,BD,AE,EC etc.).I wore a ruffled top with black denims and my favorite pink pumps.The yellow sling is also a weakness.I beg your pardon for looking like a slightly classier version of your 'kaamwali bai' but eight hours of walking in the scorching sun with dust and humidity as additional advantages,hopefully you won't judge me.Enjoy the pictures.There were 68 pictures in total.But Blogger won't let me upload all of them.So,gave a few.Will be back with more.Till then,take care and 'Shubho Durgotsav' to all of you!


  1. dats a lot in one day .. what about pet pujo ???.. ... loads of pujor suvechha....

  2. nice pics... and have a nice time with your friend :)

  3. @Simple girl,we had lunch at Azad Hind dhaba and the roadside delicacies were always there toh.;-)