Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Of anarkalis and kolhapuris

As promised,I'm back with an outfit post!Going ethnic never meant indulging into heavily embroidered saris and salwaar kameezes with ALL the jewelleries in the world for me!And more so for Diwali.Because this is a festival where there's fire all around.So,you gotta be really careful with your silk dupatta if you want to be safe.I'm still not used to calling it 'Diwali',it's still 'Kali Pujo' for me.Or maybe that's just the 'aatel' in me-desperately holding on to my traditions as much as possible on the special days while going around tossing all the moral education out on the other days.Maybe that's my way of looking down on people and saying,'you know,I might love my American sitcoms or I might be ready to murder anyone for a glass of authentic champagne or I might not know how to express my true feelings in Bengali(I just struggle for the exact words) but I'm WAY Bengali than all of you.I value my tradition and I can't even imagine polluting an essentially Bengali festival with Western influences.'
Anarkali-material bought from New Market ground floor and tailored from Gariahat Market

Tan sling and kolhapuri-Shreeram Arcade,lycra leggings-Metro Plaza


Earrings-Nik nish(probably)

Bangles-a Government organized crafts fair at Swabhumi(Don't remember the name)
                                                                          Anyway,back to the outfit.The kolhapuri was an obvious choice because I don't have a pair of mojris right now.And the green with golden adds just the right amount of color to the outfit.I've had my share of fun with colorful glass and wooden bangles.Was in a more 'earthy'(whatever that meant) mood today.So,I opted for the clay bangles.Believe it or not,I used to be a really earrings person back in school.So,the earrings must be at least five years old!The headband with anarkali idea is borrowed from the genius personified,Sabyasachi.It kind of made it a little boho chic.I love that.And the tan sling is a recent addition to my collection.It looks really predictable.But I just fell in love with the color and they didn't have it any other design.So,ended up buying it.The color hasn't come out right in this picture because of the poor lighting and my camera but I'm planning one more post with this one in broad daylight.So,you'll get to see its real color soon.


  1. Oh shit!!!You are looking superb!!! I loved it :)

  2. Wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous Diwali.
    You are looking gorgeous. Very beautiful dress, shoes as well as ear-rings.

  3. @Moumita,thanks!How was your day?

    @Babli,thanks.Same to you.:-)

  4. beautiful..out of kol now.. missing new market..:(

  5. @simple girl,awwwwwww...I'm sure New Market is missing you back too.Love.

  6. I like this post and i love your blog! If you want, we can follow each other, let me know!!!
    The Shabby Labels, New OUTFIT Post!

  7. Oh wow! You look faboulous! Wonderful exotic and inspiring look!! Love it and cant wait for the next outfit:) Always happy to see such great looks! XOXO

  8. nice accessories :) visit my blog, and if you like it follow me, I'll be so grateful!