Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Lack of inspiration

I hate what this festive season does to me.It turns me into one of those lazy couch potatoes.I go out A LOT during Shashthi,Saptami,Ashtami and then Navami onwards,I start staying at home and then I just refuse to go out till Diwali.There're plenty of excuses-sore feet,pimples,nothing to wear and so on.But the real reason is something entirely different.But this year,since I've classes or exams almost every other day,thanks to IMS,laziness shouldn't be a problem.I've also decided to wear a salwaar kameez on Diwali if CAT doesn't go worse than my expectation(which is as low as it gets).Meanwhile,I'm spending my time watching every freaking show on STAR WORLD and ZEE CAFE.I finally got over my food-asm while watching Masterchef.The key to success?Popcorn!
                           I'm also a little disturbed with the way court decisions are coming out,one by one.I'm no pro at law but CBI's reason behind not opposing Kanhimozhi's bail sounded pretty lame to me.I myself am a woman but the last thing I want is a favor for being a woman.That makes me feel really weak and isolated.I've always had a problem with women talking about equality and then expecting a man to vacate the back seat of an auto rickshaw for them.As long as we seek favors from men,we just can't expect them to treat us as equals.Because we give them reasons to prove that we're not,equals!I'm also really interested about the verdict of the Maria Susairaj case.I've not seen any detail about it in the newspaper since Sunday.If any of you have an idea,please let me know.I don't know who's guilty and who's not but I find Emile Jerome a really interesting and complex character.Had I been a writer,I'd surely have written an entire book on him.Cases like these make me regret not taking up psychology,specially criminal psychology as my subject.*Sigh*

                                                                                                     Anyway,did I tell you that I'm TOTALLY obsessed with my jumpsuit?I've worn it thrice till now.I'm a little apprehensive of experimenting till I get comfortable in it.So,I kept the basic look same,just wore it with different shoes or bags.I'll get into more eccentric looks as it gets older.But feel free to criticize.


  1. nice jumpsuit.. agree with you in kanimozhi's case.. havent following maria susairaj's case though.. and shubho bijoya

  2. Well said and nice pictures!