Friday, 3 June 2011


After the serious first post,it was time for some fun.So,I decided to do a post on color blocking.As you all must’ve read like thousand times by now,color blocking is THE trend this summer.With the exam over,I decided to have some fun with color blocking.In the first look,I added the grey tee to balance the canary yellow kolhapuris,blue jhola and the
fuchsia pink nail the second one,I wore my blue blouse with pink pumps and a hint of green on my nails.The camel bag was there to balance these three bright colors.Slim belts’re very in this season(buy one in either tan or golden and the slimmer the better),so is tuck in.Moumita scored full marks with her lovely jhola and very cool funny pants.The black nails and the dash of kohl added just the right amount of goth.The green flip flops might be a little too casual but what the hell?Who am I to judge a NIFT girl,right?
A few quick Dos and Don’ts of color blocking:-
  • Think bright.Think neon.Bring it all.Medium doesn’t exist this season.
  • Try color blocking with the accessories rather than the clothes itself.Nail paints,head bands,lipsticks,bobby pins,belts’re safe options.
  • Don’t make it too fussy.Keep it simple with two or three colors.
  • Add loads of grey,black,white or nude to balance whenever you feel that you’ve overdone it.
  • Make sure no color is repeated in your whole look more than once.
  • Electric blue,fuchsia pink,canary yellow,burnt orange and parrot green are a few good colors for blocking.
  • And last,but not the least,don’t let rules get the better part of you.The whole point of fashion is having fun.Wear whatever you’re comfortable in.If you’re having fun with your look,to hell with others!

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  1. Good for fashion crazy "Girls".... Real good Fashion tips.. Nothing much for boys though... (ie. if someone doesnt want to 'ogle' @ you.... lolzz).
    Looking forward for a bit more "Boyish"... Stuff!! If you know what I mean.. ;)

    P.S. The pink writing was a bit hard on eyes...