Sunday, 16 October 2011

Only if...

Only if it didn't have to be my last class with you...
Only if I got a chance to tell you how special you're for me.
That Teachers' day card was SO not enough to convey my feelings!
I was scared,for days,thinking that you'd consider it inappropriate but you made me so comfortable!
Maybe you were just being polite but it meant the world to me!
I wish you woke up a little earlier today.Those red eyes and the swollen face with the heavy voice were SO not the ideal look you needed on the last class!
But as they say,'last' is such an over hyped word!All the so called perfect 'last moments' or 'last words' are pretty lame.I'd rather remember you as the only true inspiration I've ever had.The not-so-perfect last class won't make the other(at least thirty six)amazing classes any less important.2011 has been one of the most enriching years of my life!I learned a lot-I learned to express myself,I learned to be unapologetic,I learned to dream...I looked up to you and you never disappointed me.You sounded pretty positive today-'So,I'll see you guys after November in all probability...',whatever that meant.But I knew that my time was over.I won't qualify for the GD rounds.I'm trying hard not to let you down but I'm pretty sure I'll.Don't make that face so soon,I'm not being pessimistic.I'm just telling you the truth.In spite of your efforts,you couldn't change my X-factor- mediocrity.After this disaster,I won't have the heart or the courage to go up to you,sit in the second row and discuss 'sanctity of life'.I'll just go hide in my blanket.So,it was really important for me to say a proper good bye which I couldn't.It just seemed so stupid!But I could feel a lump in my throat when it ended,in spite of knowing that you felt nothing.

I've not been a good student.I might have been irritating.But God knows how much I'll miss you because you're the best teacher I've ever had!I just wish it didn't have to end so soon,and so abruptly...But like you say,'you don't have a choice always.'


  1. Sounds like you had a special connection!

    ♡ from ©

  2. @Tanvi,only I know how.He'll always be special for me,no matter where I'm or who I'm with.Thanks for dropping by.Love.

  3. Why didn't you try contacting him over any social networking site ?

  4. Why didn't you try contacting him over any social networking site ?