Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The real thanksgiving

Dear Maa Durga,
                           I hope you're doing well.I'd have sent you an e-mail but since our very own 'didi' took over,we seem to have gone back to the good ol' 'Akbar's zamana' where you don't have to care for any formalities.Justice is handed down instantly.Having issues with the local contractor?Catch the local M.P. jogging in the morning,describe the problem to him and he'll take care of it.Want to complain about the police taking bribe?Just be patient enough to wait until our honorable C.M. passes by Mallickbazaar crossing.Wave and she'll roll down the tinted glasses and will give you a fair hearing.Your problems'll be solved instantly.So,I thought an open letter might be more appropriate given the situation.Well,you might ask why I'm writing this letter.No specific reason.It's just that we've not really been in touch.So,never got to tell you some things I was supposed to,long back.First of all,thank you for never judging me for not being a 'believer'.You held yourself with a lot of dignity as if my opinion about you couldn't matter less.I was kind of impressed,I must say.I'm pretty selfish.I guess you know that by now.You were everywhere!Still I never bothered to drop by and say 'hi' but whenever I was in trouble,I remembered you all right.Even then,you held your composure.You helped me when you could.Otherwise,just declined me politely.Never mind the abuses I hurled at you thereafter.But you know what,it's not that I've always hated you.You and I used to share a pretty good bonding almost fifteen years back,remember?I really used to look forward to your arrival back then.But like every other relationship,over the years,it got a little sour with my bad boyfriends,family complications etc.
                                                                                                                                     While we're in catching up mood,let me give you a synopsis of how my life has been,in the past few years.As you must know,I got into an Engineering college but turns out Engineering was a huge mistake.It's so not me!I started to take dancing more seriously with every passing day until we(me and Dance)had a huge fight and broke up.We're still on a break.I'm planning to give our relationship a try after February.And I started a blog and it has proved to be one of the most enriching hobbies I've ever taken up.Men haven't really got the better of me till now.But a boyfriend with a lot of knowledge about books,art,current affairs etc. would be nice.He must not be dominating.I so believe in equal relationships!And the sex should be liberating,neither 'Oh God,this is so wrong!I wish we hadn't done that' nor 'Oh,come on,why not tonight?Why does it have to be so special?And why do you think about everything so much?It doesn't hurt,trust me!We'll take it slow'.That's pretty much it.A little sense of humor won't hurt though.*Wink*
                                                        Anyway,much about my mundane life.How have YOU been?Still going strong with Shiv ji,huh?How're the kids?And don't tell me that you've not gained weight,all thanks to the king sized meals over here?Do you still wear those old fashioned saris with zari and elaborate jewelery?  Come on,get a makeover,no?I'm a huge fan of saris in traditional fabrics!But you could,you know,spice things up a little bit with maybe a statement neckpiece and keep the other things simple.Or you could wear the sari with a twist.You could give the petticoat a miss and try a churidar with it.Or wear it like a skirt,you know.And ditch the blouse for a boyfriend shirt or a velvet jacket.And it's high time you discover SHOES!For your look,you could try a Kolhapuri or Mojri for starters.Remember,people might try to mislead you with shit sandals in bright golden and silver with heels and all but say 'NO' to them straightaway.

                                                                                            Okay,you might stop freaking out.A styling session with you was so not on my mind when I started writing this!Have you ever heard of Thanksgiving,the American tradition?Well,the real Thanksgiving is months away!But since Durga Pujo is an amalgamation of all the festivals for us Bongs,I thought I won't get a better time to thank you for everything.I'm such a loser!What do I have,to be thankful for?You might ask.Well,I'm thankful because you never said it to my face.I'm thankful because you made me go through failure,again and again and still gave me enough strength to stand up and fight back.I'm thankful because you made people break my heart but still never made me stop believeing in love.I still trust people and I'm proud of it.I'm thankful that you made me bold enough to admit my mistakes and swear not to repeat them again.I'm thankful that you always showed me the silver lining when I was too tired to look for signs.I'm thankful that you never gave up on me.Here's to you-the mother of all!


  1. Thank you so much!It's readers like you that keep me going.Stay tuned.Love.:-)