Tuesday, 25 October 2011

the silver lining or all darkness?

Sanket Chowkidar

Sanket sir with the center manager and the receptionist


And with that,all the craziness of these past few months comes to an end.CAT is over,people(for me)!While my exam hasn't gone well,I do feel relieved to finally have something else to think about other than environmental lawyers,contrasts between mughal art and budhdhism inspired art,asperger syndrome and stuff like that,for a change.Oh,make no mistake,preparing for CAT has been fun.I just wish I got a little more time and I didn't have my hands in so many pies...I've always been so depressed that most of the things in my life aren't challenging enough and they don't really push me.I LOVE it when something is so complex that it requires me to think for hours and I still can't arrive at a solution!Just gives my brain the right blow.And I'm not talking about hard-as-badly-baked-brownies-maths problems here.I've always managed a decent score in Maths but I've never loved it.It was one of those compromises you make in life,hoping for a better future.I've always seen myself as more of an European soul-exploring life,discovering the 'real me' and not giving a damn about the rest of the world in the process.I couldn't attempt even fifty percent of the questions today.I probably won't even clear the cut off.Even if I do get a call,studying H.R might turn out to be very different from what I expect it to be.But like they say,the destination isn't important,it's the journey that matters.This past year has been such a learning experience for me!Yes,I've still been very single,I didn't lose even two kilos and I still can't do a back flip.But I learned so much!Right from my childhood,I listen to what everyone has to say but when it comes to taking my own decisions,I generally don't get influenced by others.But 2011 was an eye-opener for me.I bowed down and how!And it taught me that keeping an open mind doesn't hurt.I've no right to decide someone's intellect just by seeing them.'Life is all about surprises' does sound like a cliche but at least part of it is true.I won't bore you again by singing paeans to that 'kind of cute Verbals teacher with pink lips and perfect British accent' because if I start talking about him,I can go on and on and this place is just too small.But preparing for one of THE toughest exams of India did make me realize a few very important facts.All those late nights,staying up and finishing mock test papers...it made me face myself,my real fears and I emerged as a better person at last,at least a braver person.I set my priorities.I realized my mistakes.I apologized to people whom I've wronged.I basically did fifty percent of what I was supposed to do after my retirement.And without all those outfit posts going on in your mind,boy,does the world seem clear!Anyway,since I won't probably be clearing G.D rounds,so,my 'special bonding' with one of the best teachers and one of the most inspirational persons of my life comes to an end.I've said a lot about him.Thought you guys finally deserve to see what he looks like.Remember what I had said,no?'His looks are all I hate about him'.But since I've no way to show you a glimpse of his personality,I don't expect you to understand why he's so special for me.If you like chocolate heroes,you might think he's 'okay'.;-)
P.S.Wish you all a very very happy Diwali!Have fun.Be safe.Ditch your old denims or sequined dress for an anarkali or sari or at least a short kurta and churidar(or patiala but not leggings) tomorrow.Will be back with the Diwali outfit post.Till then,take care.Love.

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  1. R u sure u were talking about him only!u gotta b kidding me..no offence ..my expectations were so high!I feel like cheated as you promised me to show some elegant piece :P