Friday, 14 October 2011

And then frustration took over...

                                                     Are you a reality,are you a dream?
                                                     Why do you keep haunting me?
                                                      Aren't you done torturing me?
                                                      Or you need more?

                                                      Tell me then,surrender comes easy.

                                                      This is what I'm used to.

                                                      It's the wins I lose track of.

                                                      You tempt me,promise to stay,

                                                      and then you leave...again and again

                                                      I'm sick of this game...

                                                     Why can't you be gone,for once and for all?

                                                     Why do you give me these breaks between the sadistic sessions?

                                                     Why am I not allowed to just shut my eyes tight,take a deep breath

                                                      get done with it?

                                                      Dancing around telling people

                                                      that I'm too good to be an assistant engineer

                                                      and I'm meant to be one of those H.R. guys who interviewed us
                                                      and then not clearing the exams is humiliating enough,

                                                      why're you still not satisfied?

                                                      If you have an answer,

                                                      you know where to find me.


  1. those red denim pants are so fun!!

  2. @Zarna,thank you so much!The red denims are sure fun but so are my cellulite thighs.;-)