Monday, 3 October 2011

I'm grateful

Dear M,
                                   I know I've not been so polite to you,always.I know you've better friends.But I really appreciate the fact that you're so blatantly honest with me! I love it when you say that you hated my take on the fusion of Kolhapuri and vintage blouse.I love it when you hate my orange bag.I love it when you call me 'disgusting' and 'asshole' without even thinking twice.I love it when you want to screw me.I'm not a good friend.I'll admit it.I hope you remember that I used to be a better person.It's just that I've gone through a lot and it's changed me forever.I don't expect you to understand.I don't even expect you not to be judgemental.I just want you not to hate me.You're really special for me.And I get to spend so little time with you anyway(because of my 'fucking busy schedule' only,I know)!The time we get to spend together,I want you all alone then.Is that really THAT terrible?But you DID make me realize that I might be better than this.Thank you for that.That really was a wake-up call.

Anyway,we visited most of the south Kolkata pandals today(except Mudiali,Badamtala and Shibmondir Sarbojonin because I'll visit them on Navami).These are the few pictures that kind of stayed with me.And I finally wore stripes.And red denims.The nude punp was there to balance it out.

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