Thursday, 1 September 2011

Dear five or seven years old kid in the metro,please don't stand on my shoes,it's suede and expensive,way more expensive than that of your mom's!Aaaaaaaarghhhhh!

A simple pair of yellow pumps has magic powers.It can pull you out of any frustration under the sun!Incorporate a little yellow in your wardrobe and trust me,the world seems to be a better place! I've the yellow kolhapuri all right(if you don't remember it,click here and here to have a look) but I had a pair of yellow pumps on my mind since,like forever! So,when I got this beauty in Simpark Mall a week back,I didn't think twice before taking it home.I've been waiting to wear it since then.Finally,I wore it to college today.The day was a total waste though.I was supposed to collect the affidavit form(where my parents are supposed to give a written statement that I won't rag any junior,only then will I get my sixth semester report card) from the exam cell which I couldn't because the teacher who was supposed to be in Web Technology lab,giving out forms,was actually 'busy' at Axis Mall,'enjoying himself' at the fest.Yeah,my college is finally organizing a fest.But I'm not attending since I've a hell lot of studying to do.Go ahead and call me a nerd.I hate myself too.Anyway,so,I went to Haldirams and had one of the best 'dahi phuchkas' of my life! And then,I treated myself to a plate of healthy (and feel good) idli.Hundred bucks for all these isn't too much,right?All was well until I boarded the metro and a very considerate crowd raped my shoes!I hate people who think just because it's a crowded train,they can do whatever they wish-groping a girl half their age,standing on someone else's shoes as if they were his/her cushions,attacking someone else's bag with their umbrellas. I've always traveled in public transport but I don't remember causing any discomfort to anyone,ever! My clothes and shoes and bags and nail paints and everything else are important for me.So,I understand that other people must love theirs too.And I take my best efforts to make sure that I'm not the reason of someone's 'wardrobe malfunction'.I wonder why people can't have the minimum manners. This kid was practically taking a walk on my shoes and when I asked him to get down,in the most polite way possible and his rich,fat,salwaar kameez-clad mom with a bad taste and bad breath hurled every possible curse on me! And,to my surprise,most of the 'ladies' around actually supported her! And that's how my poor little yellow pumps died a premature death,by a monstrous seven years old.*two minutes silence*
Anyway,luckily I captured its beauty on my lenses long before it said 'good bye' to me.Now I regret not taking more pictures.Thought would share the only proof of its existence.Otherwise,maybe,years later,people would actually refuse to acknowledge how beautiful it used to be,once upon a time!
P.S.My mom says I look WAY fatter in this top than I actually am and I agree with her.But I simply fell in love with it and haven't recovered ever since.You see,they don't say 'love is blind' for no reason.;-)
And all those who're sick of my black denims,please,don't ditch my blog for them.I'm looking for a pair of red ones.Just haven't found any in my budget yet.


  1. @Zarna,thank you so much!Coming from a pro like you,it means a lot!But I just want you to know that just because I'm addicted to your blog,it doesn't mean that you're morally responsible to visit mine.I follow your blog because I LOVE it.I'm NOT doing you a favor here.So,please feel free not to visit my blog if you don't want to or if you're too busy.Love.

  2. Those shoes are really cute and so is your hobo bag!

  3. You're right, yellow pumps are great! I should wear my yellow ones more often!

  4. *sigh* bad day I see!! and anything yellow can give you those pocketful of sunshine.. love the pumps.. RIP pretty yellow pumps!! :D love!!!

  5. @frenchleaveblog,thanks!*blushing*
    @LaVerella,please do!Looking forward to seeing yours.Love.
    @Ananya,yeah,may she(I'm sure it was a she,I totally got the soul sister vibe.;-))make her new owner(in heaven)proud.I've already started missing her.:-(
    @muhammad,me or my shoes or both?:P