Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Can it get any simpler than this?

I've always loved fashion.But at the same time,I've never been comfortable with all the complications it gives birth to.Life is enough complicated already.Why make it more complicated?Having said that,a grand Sabyasachi piece or a Marc Jacobs jacket never fails to amaze me.Just the fact that someone put in so much thought and effort into a single piece of garment is highly inspirational for me.I stare at it and stare at it and still can't have enough of it.But when it comes to my own wardrobe,I prefer simple,clean silhouette with minimal designs.I DO have fun with prints sometimes but then I keep the other things as simple as possible.And believe me,whoever sang that song 'Serve me potatoes and mashed tomatoes,give me the simple life'(I might not have written all the lyrics correctly,I don't remember it all.So,feel free to rectify it),was a genius.You get the happiest moments of your life out of the simplest things.As far as I'm concerned,I DID get the job I was SO not looking forward to! Though I've no idea how.If I'm THAT good at hiding my real emotions,life'd have been much simpler by now.But I can't deny one thing-getting a job DOES feel pretty great.I've a few very close friends who didn't get in in spite of being deserving and when I see them roaming around the campus with an empty expression,I can't help thanking God for not making me face it.I think I'm pretty strong but maybe it's time for a reality check.Anywho,my Pujo shopping isn't over yet and I can't find the red denims in my size(and within my budget).Looks like ALL the pairs of my size sold out in the few weeks while I was busy 'getting a job'.*Wipes tears*
I'm spending a lot of time(over phone)with an ex-friend.We haven't talked to each other for three years and there's a lot to catch up on.He's one of the best persons I've ever known and by far,he's the only guy to have liked me for the person I'm.Everybody else had some issues with me or the other and though they loved me too,they wanted to change me which I wasn't comfortable with.Talking to him is easy but it's really hard to figure things out with a long lost friend.I just hope I don't do anything I might regret later.

And for all those who're wondering why the 'cute but a little too fair Verbals teacher with pink lips and a perfect British accent' doesn't feature in my posts any more,fret not.I'm still smitten by him.It's just that I get to see him at 8 a.m. on Sunday and I'm not in my best mood before 12 p.m.So,we've not been having the best time together.But I really hope that'll change once we start having English workshops on Sat too.And I've officially taken one more step forward in screwing CAT.My exam is on 25th Oct and I still don't know a thing!So,dreams of studying H.R. are already,well,a dream.Anyway,much about my boring life.Will try to make the next post more 'meaningful' and interesting.Till then,I'll leave you with the pictures I took in front of Emami Plaza,Lord Sinha road.For all the non-Kolkatans,the 'gola' and 'chaat' are LEGENDARY over there!The 'phuchka' isn't bad too.I went to visit a doctor near Shakespeare Sarani and thought I should drop by.I've not been there for a few months.And how yummy does my icecream look,huh?Though technically it's not mine because the friend of mine bought it but I DID have it!And we also got our money back after having half of it because it didn't taste the way 'it was supposed to'.*Wink*


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  2. getting a job is definitely a heady feeling.. congrats ...:)

  3. @Muhammad,I'm sorry that you didn't get better girlfriends.:P
    I personally don't remember living off any of my boyfriends' wallet,ever!

    @simple girl,thank you so much!:-)

  4. naw...boys can be husbands too and in that case surely they spend a lot on shopping :P
    hahaha... better kia..i didnt get ANY gf :( sorry me :( :P

  5. Well,I don't see myself married in near future but then also,I'd NEVER like my husband to pay for my shopping splurge.

  6. ok sorry ..i take my words back...