Sunday, 11 September 2011

Of weird confessions and sweetheart uncles

It all started a month ago.You see,I've always been a little uneasy eating in front of someone else.Except for desserts,maybe.Because it is sexy and classy.Eating everything else in front of others made me feel so tongue-tied.I always thought that with my already not-so-small face,I must look like a vulture gulping things down.Whenever I wanted things to be romantic,I kept food out of the picture.Coming back to the original story,I've been having these long classes(six hours,sometimes even nine)for a few months now.My mom,being the good ol' homely and caring mom she is,packs me a sandwich,noodles or curries for lunch.But the thing is that I just don't know how to eat without getting ketchup,crumbs or gravy on my lips.And sometimes it's a little too spicy and I wipe my tears off with my left hand and make my kohl a little grainy and soggy.And if I go to the washroom carrying my bag after that,all these nerds of the class throw me such judgmental glances!As if I'm going to lose my virginity in the washroom and they'll tweet about it the moment I'm out of the room!So,I come up with this awesome plan.I reach half an hour early,leave my lunch box,breath mint,hand sanitizer,kohl,sunscreen,compact,lip balm,comb and tissue behind the sink,where no one else could see it and attend the class.Then,during the break,I go to the washroom(without anything in my hand so that these bitches think that it's normal and I'm not going to pile on more make up on my face),have my lunch,touch up my kohl and all and come back to class.After the classes are over,I go back to washroom(with my bag.Since the classes're over now,I won't leave the bag in the class,would I?),get my stuff and come back like nothing happened.If anyone asks me why I’m not having lunch these days,I just tell them that I’ve been trying to lose a few pounds lately.Initially,having lunch in the washroom grossed me out.I couldn't sleep at night.Then I got oddly comfortable with it.And you thought you knew ALL the weird stuff in the world!
                                                                                      Why am I telling you all these,you might ask.Well,the truth is that I've not yet gathered up enough courage to tell anyone about it.Now,a few of my friends and my family DO read my blog once in a while.So,I'm expecting them to come up to me and start with,'How could you?Come on!That's so weird!And gross!' or something like that.But I really wanted to share it with someone to get the burden off my shoulders.And what better audience than you people?Feel free to judge me.I myself am not that convinced of my normalcy anymore.

                                                                                                                                 On a brighter note,say 'hello' to my brand new pumps!I got them from Shreeram Arcade,thanks to my very considerate 'chhotomama'!I've not worn them properly yet.I did give them a trial run but it didn't end well,thanks to the unpredictable weather.I'm planning to wear them on Friday.Will try to get more pictures to share with you all.And my placement is on 19th September,the next Monday,that is.Please pray for me,will you?I really need ALL the luck in the world to save my sorry ass!


  1. lol.. that was funny .. and the pumps are really good.. all the best for the placement session ..stay cool and you will rock ..

  2. difficult for you to go through all the troubles for having lunch!!!!!....

  3. @Simple girl,thank you so much!Finger's crossed.
    @Muhammad,you bet!;-)But you didn't wish me luck!:-(

  4. of luck...sorry i was so much excited about that thing that i couldnt wish you :P

  5. @Muhammad,it's okay.Thanks.:-)