Wednesday, 7 September 2011

To sir,with love

Okay,I know it's been two days and I should've posted it a lot earlier and I'm sorry! There,I said it. Now stop sulking and start reading.
                                    On a brighter note,postponing this post made me think about it more and I actually found some things that you won't have seen in the earlier post.To be honest,I deleted the earlier one and this one has NOTHING to do with the earlier one.
                                                         I spent the Teachers' day in the most plain way possible.Went to my Kathak class,then went shopping and had an 'adda' session at my uncle's place after coming home back.But I've been a little lost throughout the day.Make no mistake,I HATE TEACHERS! Even now! But there ARE some teachers who actually made a difference in my life. I'm not on friendly terms with them all but I respect them a lot.So,this post is dedicated to all of them.

  • Indrani Saha- She was my first dance teacher,ever.I've known her for more than eighteen years! I called her 'Rumi di'. We've had a love-hate relationship but I can never be enough grateful to her for introducing me to this fascinating world! I was around three when I saw her for the first time.She taught me how to stand into a 'thaath'(the basic Kathak posture).There've been times when the very presence of hers made me cringe-be it the bad English,bad breath,pathetic salwaar kameezes or very domestic interests.She even became lazier day by day-refusing to get up to show the steps to the students,refusing to take the 'tabla' out...But I'd like to think of her the way I saw her eighteen years back-an energetic twenty one years old with a love for dance who was willing to go to any length to turn a girl into a dancer.
  • Writam Chanda-He used to be my Chemistry teacher.He was in first year when I met him.I HATED Chemistry,for the record and I still do.But he was one of those tough teachers who never,never gave up.He used to insult me in every possible way.He just didn't beat me up.He said I was 'pathetic' and 'I'd never be able to achieve anything in life' and many more hurtful things.I used to hate him like anything!He was very responsible though.Even when he had broken up with his long-time girlfriend and was totally devastated,he didn't miss a single class! I got to see the real him after our little teacher-student stint was over.He became one of my best friends.We or at least I used to share everything under the sun with him! I was seeing someone else when he came into my life.In fact,that boyfriend of mine had introduced me to him.So,we had a very brother-sister vibe going on.But then,things with my boyfriend didn't work out and we broke up.My exams were going on and it was a really hard time.He was there for me throughout.I still believe that I owe him at least fifty percent of my boards result.Without his rock solid support,I probably won't have been here today.Then we even dated for a while and I must say that I've had the most satisfying relationship of my life with him.We used to fight a lot but that was something I really loved about our relationship.We almost never agreed on something but we still knew how to respect the other person's point of view.All these didn't last for long though.I came to know that he had been cheating on his girlfriend with me.He himself confessed it to me and went back to his 'real' girlfriend,leaving me heart-broken.I picked up my pieces and moved on,only to get another call from him a few months later-he wanted to get back together with me.He said he had ended things with that girl for once and for all.Boy,did I love him! I still laugh at myself for getting back together.Initially,it was great and I was happier than ever before.But then,one fine morning,he just vanished.I waited,waited and waited,only to realize one day that he would never come back.He did contact me a few times thereafter but only as a friend.I don't know why he did this to me but I guess all good things come with side effects.It was in his nature only.He didn't know how to be in a relationship,stick to one girl and live happily ever after.I've forgiven him and wherever he is now,I hope he's doing well.This episode with him taught me a lot of things and I'm grateful to God for helping me come out of it.I emerged from it a stronger person and I've got nothing to complain about.
  • Sumit Kumar-He was my dance instructor for almost a year.He was smart,well-dressed and somewhat funny but he wasn't my favorite for these reasons.He was a GREAT dancer,to begin with.But I guess that'd be an understatement.The grace with which his feet and hands moved on the floor,the sharpness of his pirouette turns...I just watched him spellbound.He was one of those few dance teachers who took dance seriously and was willing to do whatever it takes to make his students feel the same.He was an excellent choreographer and very strict too.I'm known for my 'not so flexible' body when it came to contemporary but he was actually able to teach me a few things in contemporary,jazz and ballet! He never took 'no' for an answer.I've stopped going to his classes now and he too has moved to Delhi but I'll always miss dancing under his guidance.And I DID have a crush on him too.I used to give him assorted chocolates for no reason.But later I found out that he just wasn't my type.I needed someone more well-read and intelligent.But I respect him as a teacher nonetheless.
  • Sanket Chowkidar-He's probably the most over hyped teacher in my life!Writam da was really important too but I didn't have a facebook account or a blog back then.So,he didn't enjoy the amount of online attention that Sanket sir does,thanks to my posts.FYI,Sanket sir is that 'cute but a little too fair verbals teacher with pink lips and a perfect British accent' of mine.You've read about him a lot.He has inspired me a lot and I'm almost obsessed with him! But to be honest,I've never really got a chance to interact with him personally.Most of the interactions have been in the class only but it was enough to know what an extraordinary teacher he is.I never had feelings for him but at the same time,being in front of him was much,much more than 'just a class'.It's complicated with a capital 'C'!And please don't ask me,I won't be able to explain it.But all I know is that I'm not the person I was till Dec,2010 and the credit goes to him.He has made me see life from a whole new perspective.He has changed me for better.He probably thinks I'm one of those 'many' students who have a crush on him.He probably doesn't even know my name.I'm pretty sure I might have inspired a joke or two back at his dining table,with his wife(Yeah,he might be married for all I know) but I can't thank him enough for coming into my life and turning it upside down.


  1. ahan...wonderful post for teacher..i wish i could have written this :) your teachers are lucky to have a student who remember them after so long time :) and you are lucky to have teachers like them who taught you such things... :)

  2. @Muhammad,thanks.:-)That was really sweet!

  3. Awww...thats a wonderful way to remember all teachers and showing respect for them...I miss those days of school...

    Much Love

  4. @Lipsy,glad that you liked.:-)

  5. Very sweet of you to write such wonderful things about teachers. I am sure they'll be proud! :-)

  6. @Shruti,I'd like to believe so.Thanks for dropping by.