Friday, 2 September 2011


I've not still got over the shock of the premature death of my yellow pumps.Still mourning...But I discovered an excellent way to keep the shoe-rapists at bay! Not that I discovered it or something,I always knew it but was too embarrassed to actually do it.But better embarrassed than sorry,right?So,today I wore my pink pumps(I don't think I'll ever be able to get out of my 'color' phase)to college.But I carried my shit slippers in my bag too.Slipped into them before boarding the train and then changed again after getting down.Saved my shoes and my mood.Yes,I did draw a few glances(sarcastic,judgmental or plain curious-they were all there) but I couldn't care less.You must know by now that I carry the rest of the world in my bags.So,carrying an extra pair of slippers shouldn't be a problem.
                                                                                                                        Also,there's something about dull weather that makes me want to wear yellow like nothing else.So,completing my yellow week,I wore a yellow belt today.The college session was better than yesterday.Our tech fest was going on.There were a lot of competitions though I didn't take part in any.I'm also getting better with relationship counseling.So many alternative career options popping up every now and then!Hopefully my life'd be equally awesome even if I don't make it to any company or any B school by February,2012.:P

                                                                                                                                  I've a lot to do tonight.I've to write another essay for that 'a little too fair but cute verbals teacher with pink lips',if you remember.And I also have to work on a project report.So,I'll leave you with the pictures and let them do all the talking.But be prepared for my 'serious' and 'meaningful' posts again because I'm gonna do one within Monday for sure.


  1. ROFL!!!! YOU ACTUALLY DID THAT!! YOU KNOW WHAT? okay I will stop screaming first.. well I mostly carry a comfy flip flop/pump in my bag if am wearing heels and walking at kolkata's streets :D and there have been many such incidents when my bf had to hold my shoes cauz my feet would hurt and I wanted to change back to my slippers.. who cares about who is watching!!! XD XD XD *cheers* so now that you know that someone else also is on the same boat as yours, dont be ashamed of changing its all about saving our life..err,, I mean shoes !! :D

  2. Ha ha...there you go,soul sista!But mine is even more embarrassing because you still have your boyfriend to make it look 'less weird' and it's easy to ignore others when you've 'company' but I was ALL ALONE!my shoes must be proud of me!:P

  3. yeah your shoes and me.. both are proud of you for such daring acts and that also being in Kolkata :D \m/

  4. yellow belt really cool option on black denims

  5. @Ananya,ha ha...Thanks!Only a true Kolkata girl can understand the gravity of my sacrifice!;-)

    @Megha,thanks!And thanks for giving the link.Following you right away.

  6. Nice casual wear.. the belt adds to it.
    and Soumii I am curious...who is overweight????(I looked at the header of this blog). Because I think you are chubby and that's a cute thing.

  7. u r looking really cool and the tyres are complementing you ;)

    1. Hmmm...I'm not fully sure if you mean it or not but thank you anyway!Love.