Monday, 12 September 2011

Of coming home back,not having a clue and then getting the biggest surprise of the month!

That's the thing about dressing down.You feel at home,you feel comfortable and at the same time,you feel down.I guess that's why they call it dressing 'down'.I've been thinking for a long time how to jazz it up a little.And then I saw a look of Jasleen's almost a year back and I was hugely inspired. She desifies almost every look of hers-sometimes with a jute bag,sometimes with a pair of mojris,sometimes with vintage jewellery...I've never been a fan of out-and-out traditional dress ups.Nor do conservatively Western looks appeal to me.I swear by the word 'mix and match'.So,I had a long day at college today.Got out at 8:30 a.m. and returned after 10 p.m.So,when I woke up in the morning,there was only one thing in my mind-COMFORT!And I dressed down.But added my small twist and ended up feeling like a princess throughout the day!Took a few pictures before going out.Thought would share.
                                                         On a totally unrelated note,you must remember the 'cute but a little too fair verbals teacher with pink lips and a perfect British accent'.I bought this card for him but couldn't give it to him since we weren't having English classes for two weeks or so.So,I left the card with the receptionist and cleverly(or not-so-cleverly) slipped in my mail ID inside the card.It has been a few days.I almost started to think that it was a wrong decision but after coming home back tonight,I found a mail in my inbox-thanking me for the card and a few more kind words that I'd like to keep to myself.I had a terrible day,I really did.But I couldn't ask for a better gift to forget it all.You see,I DO NOT have a crush on him!In fact,I might even consider going out with someone else after September(I'm still working on that and I've not reached a conclusion yet) but I don't know why,the very sight of him makes me want to giggle like a five year old!His easy charm WORKS on me and how!A few moments with him fills me with such a child-like glee!I've not been this happy for quite a while and the best part is that it's completely harmless!No hangover,no expectations,no side effects...It's like watching a street dancer perform.Happiness without any cost.It's so pure and so innocent that it almost freaks me out!Whenever I've been this happy in the past,it didn't come without ugly consequences.But that's something I don't really have to worry about,right?It'll come when it is supposed to.Till then,a visit to the candy store doesn't hurt,does it?


  1. ahan... now its not fair...we should know what was in the email :P

  2. Arrey nothing special.If I say it out loud,it'll take all the magic off this post.It was THAT plain!But it was special for me.

  3. Hey my dear!

    Thank you for all your lovely comments and words all the time! I love getting comments from you and they make me smile :)

    Have a nice day!