Saturday, 31 March 2012

Let's play today...

Let's play today.

Let's go out and play.

Call the drugged middle-aged man you had sex with.

Call your dead husband.

Call the whore he used to visit,once in a week.

We all shall play.

No rules,no limits.

We shall just play.

Play till the ultimate darkness starts hovering on us.

What the fuck? Even then we shall play.

We shall play with blood.

We shall play with shit.

We shall play dead and alive.

We all shall play alike.

Game had started long ago,we just joined late.

Others have advanced way ahead of us.

But who cares? We're not here to win.

We shall walk and mutilate ourselves on the way.

Eyes,ears,hands and legs.

We shall get lighter with every step.

And closer to Him.

We shall drink the nectar.

From His enormous breast.

Yes,He's the Mother and Father.

We were born because of His masturbation.

We shall fight and eat each other up.

We shall love each other too,in our own cynic way.

And whenever one of us dies,

we won't mourn him.

We shall set fire to his remains

and watch him burn with a primeval pleasure only fire can give.

We shan't clothe ourselves

with the glossiest silk.

We shall be naked and wild.

We shan't bother when our breasts give in to the forces of gravity.

We shan't bother when our dicks get all soggy.

We shall know ourselves in the truest way possible.

And condemn all those who think we're not civilized.

Hairy and smelly,wild and barbaric.

Our bodies will lie intertwined as we finish the journey.

We shall look into each others' eyes.

All the betrayal and polygamy shall be forgotten,not forgiven.

 The numb apathy is all that shall loom large.

.This is NOT what I was supposed to write tonight. I was so emotionally drained that I couldn't write! Thoughts were aplenty but I ran out of words. This is something I had written long back after reading someone(no,don't smell a love story in here). Thought would share. Goes with my mood perfectly. And sounds like a pretty good 'au revoir ' to all the fantastic bloggers who supported me throughout 'Memorable March'. Just a message to them that it's not over. Love.


  1. This is amazing!! LOvely to read during a night like this :)

  2. I feel so sad about not being able to participate in MM. Forgive me, will you? :(

  3. Arrey,what's with the apology,girl? You were there toh! Supporting me throughout! Doesn't that count?

  4. Soumi, it seems that the Goddess of destruction has broken all the shackles and started dancing with abandon...

    You are getting The Liebster Blog award along with 4 other bloggers! Visit me and please accept the award.
    Take care,

  5. She sure did,Sanghamitra! :P
    Thank you so much for the award!:-)

  6. Made a good reading...brutal...but good!

  7. Thank you so much,Nilu!:-)

  8. such raw emotions!!!

    1. Real emotions are raw only,Sushmita. As soon as you start polishing it with civilities,you start faking it.

  9. I run out of words too sometimes and then I just feel empty. It's a terrible emotion.


    1. Emptiness is good. It makes space for the next batch of pain.