Saturday, 10 March 2012

So,here comes week two. I can't believe 'Memorable March' is already a week old!*Sheds a few motherly tears*
So,first things first,I've been blessed enough to have a conversation or two with someone really inspiring,to say the least! You all should take a minute out and thank him here because he's the one responsible for this week's inspiration. He gave me the link of a collection of Charles Baudelaire's work(that's where the inspiration is from). Pardon my ignorance when I say that I've not read him before. I'm a lot more well-read than most of the people I know but in actuality,I've not read much yet. So,I promised myself not to indulge into any kind of online activities(apart from posting the Memorable March links since a few fellow bloggers depend on the postings on Facebook and Twitter only and they won't get to know the inspiration if I don't post it over there) until I'm done reading it all. It's a little elaborate for two reasons-
i)My speed of reading poetry is much slower than that of reading proses.
ii)It's just so beautiful that I can't have enough of it! I read,and re-read...dreamy-eyed and then very reluctantly,move on to the next.

I've never felt worse for not knowing French! I'm not much of a translation fan. I feel much of the essence and rustic charm and originality of the language get lost in translation. But when translations can be THIS intriguing,I wonder what reading the real work might feel like. There,I added to the list of '100 things to do before I die' and the newest entry is 'learn French' and it comes at no. three,right after i)learning at least the basics of all the dance forms in the world and ii)making a difference in one's life(preferrably a girl child).
Okay,now comes inspiration of the week-

"Scenting in every corner the chance of a rhyme"

Beautiful,isn't it?

And now,there goes my last picture in a nose pin(I switched to nose ring a day ago and it was painful,again). The skirt is the twin of the skirt I shared last week  The blazer,the sling and the jootis you've seen before,haven't you?

And the rules again,in case you forgot-

i) Get inspired in any way possible. Everything is allowed. Everything,literally! It's not that you've to write only.
ii) Mail me the links to I might be a little late this week. So,don't be surprised if you can't find the updated post along with my version of inspired work before Monday evening. Sorry if I let you down.


  1. Yes beautiful indeed.
    U know what someday, i will fulfill something that ive been dreaming for a long time.
    And that is to have a nose pin.:))

    1. Good luck with that!:-)
      DO participate in 'Memorable March' sometimes!

  2. I like the nosepin!
    And here :

  3. soumi, yet again. am pasting it here as well. I dont rely on mails. lol. if it gets into spam folder i will end up nowhere , just an OCD :|

  4. Again!Amazing lady :) Your new follower :)