Sunday, 4 March 2012

Memorable March week one-True blue or too blue

Okay,time to don the hat of the proud moderator and get down to the real business. First of all,the saddest thing just happened. The queen bee Kanika who had started it all couldn't participate for reasons unknown. Maybe she was busy,maybe I didn't do her brainchild justice...I can go on and on.
But other bloggers more than made up for it. I started receiving mails since last night and I give myself enough credit for surviving the whole day without any activity over here. Now,it's time to write my post(I've received such amazing pieces that I'm afraid you won't read my post if I give out the links early,hence the selfish act;I hope you'll understand and sympathise).

True blue or too blue

Blue is a colour I've never been comfortable with.
Sometimes,it's too loud.

Sometimes,it's too cold.

I'm blue.

I'm darkness in its brightest form.

I'm the last ray of hope you see just before the sunset.

You might have known me as orange but I actually AM blue.

I'm blue.

I'm the one you hold on to when you're too afraid to hope,

yet too hopeful to let go.

I'm mediocrity in all its grandeur.

You might have known me as middle-parted oiled hair but I actually AM blue.

 Life doesn't do much justice to me.

Death over-glorifies me.

Where do I seek refuge,pray?

Yes,it's the womb of thee-

where life hasn't started to take shape yet,

where death hasn't been able to extend its cold wrath,

the ultimate twilight-the most pleasing fading away ever,

that's where I reside,fellow travellers.

Now comes the bunch I'm so proud of-
College buddy and fellow blogger Sanjana surprised me in the middle of the night with her emotional visuals.
Sudeshna stayed true to her promise and wasted no time in painting a serene picture.
My special girl Shiromi got inspired in the very literal sense and going through her post was like looking at a mirror,only better crafted.
And last but not the least,Dark Angel deserves a special mention for doing something so uniquely refreshing in the midst of all these words! I won't tell you what it is. You HAVE TO check her blog to know and trust me,it's worth it!
                      Guess I'll see you guys next Saturday then. I certainly don't expect to have more than FOUR awesome bloggers on board but I DO expect Sanjana,Sudeshna,Shiromi and Dark Angel to stay put. Sudeshna,Shiromi and Dark Angel,if you guys ever come to Kolkata,DO meet me up and drive me crazy until I buy you guys cupcakes. You SO deserve it!


  1. Aye aye aye! What is all this sadness and all?!
    Kaam aa gaya, and I got crushed by it.

    NEXT WEEK I SHALL JOIN FOR SHIZZ! Must not get saddened ok. You are amazing.

    Also. Dark Angel beat me to it but I wanted to paint on a blue moustache :)

  2. Sorry re.. I couldn't write.. had such a terrible emotional atyachar wala morning.. :-/ I will try in the coming weeks.. dont be pissed..ok?

  3. I wish i can express myself the way u do.

    1. No two persons express themselves the same way,Sherene. Be proud of your words because you write straight from the heart. You're welcome to participate in Memorable March.:-)

  4. You guysss! It's so much fun to write, then read all your posts and then have this thread of comments.
    Little problem with my link though I think.. It doesn't open.. So soumi, edit please?

    AND now for your post - We should start like a dark blog together. We'd get famous for it, I kid you not :D

  5. wow, I loved your interpretation. and thanks for mentioning me like that:D am really glad you loved it :D FYI am from kolkata. so will surely meet someday. and i need more than one cupcake :D waiting for next Saturday now :)

    1. From Kolkata,eh? We gotta fix a date pretty soon. You better hurry before I get a super kewl boyfriend and become all biizzzzzyyy!:P

    2. oh yes.I stay at kol! lol. yep. lets plan out a date. even you better hurry before I get a dashing guitarist bf :P

  6. Very well written, Soumi! We should catch up sometime and be friends! :)

  7. Soumi, love the way you interpreted the theme . I loved this line - "I am darkness in its brightest form " - . Also somewhere in between while I was reading this I felt that you have made a dedication to God ( in the womb of thee ) - if I am not wrong -Thus seeking shelter in Him. Many of our Hindu mythological Gods/ goddess from Kali, Krishna to Shiva are associated with the Color blue and I feel that we should know more about the significance of this Color.

  8. I really liked the periwinkle touch to it...

  9. Love the way you have portray the theme :)...keep it up man !!

  10. Soumi, good luck with memorable march, owing to exams and assignments, I might not be able to be there every week. :)
    But you better be doing a good job with it, as I know you will.

  11. Absolutely loving this so much. You have no idea how much I'm looking forward to see you guys sprawl awesomeness all over blogsville. Agh, how I wish I wasn't stuck with 12th grade :/
    good luck anyway! :)


  12. Tagged you and passed on an award. Check it here-

  13. Lovely blog.