Monday, 12 March 2012

Memorable March week two-scenting in every corner the chance of a rhyme

Time for Memorable March week two. If you read the pre-post,you should know by now how I was inspired.I'm so sorry for not being able to upload it sooner but I was a little busy. I was drunk last night and I had an interview today. But better late than never,right? So,here goes my post-

I squatted down on the pavement and gently let my hands fall.

 It was a long journey.

I'm still not sure if I've reached the end of it.

I was almost about to drift off to drowsiness when I heard them.

A lot of voices.

I looked up.

There they were.

"Spit,spit,spit",cheering me on.

I looked at them and bared my tobacco-stained teeth.

Armed with my newly-found confidence,

I drew my head back and SPAT.

The crowd came to a still,the windows in the neighbouring buildings opening...

I felt like the royal cock in the 'durbar'.

Entertaining people away,with funny habits I was born with.

They don't know I'll do it even if they don't throw coins at me.

They don't know I'll do it even if they don't egg me on.

They don't know I'll do it even if they don't lure me with bananas.

Because I don't know how to be otherwise.

That's when I saw her.

She seemed faintly familiar.

From an age I used to belong to,long ago.

I suppose I've not told you that I too,used to be a poet.

Only I had no words.

I was a worshipper of Silence.

I hated talking because that disrupted my chain of thoughts.

She was the one who had urged me to write.

She said that was the only way to be immortal.

And I obliged.

You see,I was afraid of death.

But,like I said,I had no words,only thoughts.

Thoughts I didn't know how to express.

So,like all other respectable Homo Sapiens Sapiens,I decided to steal.

Yes,steal words.

From the very pros.

So,I walked about the road,gingerly,if you might.

In search of inspirations.

And then,I followed the stench of beauty(or beauty of words,have it the way you please),

all the way to its grave.

There,I saw her praying with her hands folded,in front of a dead dog.

I watched her,like a killer watches his victim up in the heaven while burning away in hell.

She was at a higher plane,duh!

But realisation was pouring into me too.

I suddenly felt I could read her mind.

I suddenly saw the desperation of my success in her weak and salty tears.

And that's when I knew,I'm too placid to write.

My balls have been frozen to death even before I was to die.

And I saw that everything worth writing has been written already.

And they are safe in the archives,far from my prying eyes.

And that's when I gave up and started running.

Running from the world as I've known it.

Running till I felt my balls springing back to life.

Over the years,my running gave way to walking and then dragging my feet along.

And now,here I am.

In the midst of the chaos,all around me
"I love the stage and I love it like hell"...(to be continued)

And now my gang-Sudeshna had me drooling over her tranquil words,Sanjana went old school and tried to rhyme her words with that of Baudelaire(brave girl,I say),Shiromi tried to answer the question haunting her for years.
And Dark Angel was anything but dark if you know what I mean.


  1. This is great Soumi Di!
    Best of luck! :D

    1. Thank you so much,Joyee 'di'!;-)
      *Blushing blushing*

  2. This is going pretty damn well I must say! =D

  3. I went down the lane with your poem. Too good. liked it. you got a bunch of talent you know, n I gotta learn a lot from you!

    1. Learn all you want,JUST DON'T WRITE! At least until Memorable March is over. You're the 'hatke' factor in my bunch.;-)

  4. I suppose I've not told you that I too,used to be a poet.

    Only I had no words.

    So true! When you feel it the most, you don't have the words to express!!
    Would love to read more from you..
    Very well written!!

  5. You.
    Yes I am stopping at that.

  6. That was just...Wow. Like seriously.

    1. Thank you,Diwita! DO participate sometimes,please?

  7. quite a long read....but nice!!

    1. Thank you so much,Sushmita! How've you been?

  8. I looked at them and bared my tobacco stained teeth! This really cracks me up.
    You have a very well defined sense of humor.
    Ur talented( how many times i told u that already) .
    Keep it up:))

    1. Awwww...thank you Sherene! That was really sweet of you!

  9. 3 words:

    datta, daydhVam, damYata.

    1. Don't waste three words. Say one and it'll mean everything.
      P.S.I DID share your blog link as the inspiration in the pre-post! See,I'm a good bachcha,AM I NOT?:P

  10. I give up.. you put me to shame with your poetic skills.. and you thought I will survive all these literary dozes? I can never write anything thought provoking :/
    and you went drunk before your interview day.. rofl.. and share some easy recipes sometime okay? I've read your fb statuses and I very well know that you love cooking.. just teach me some easy stuff sometime.. :) love,

  11. all i can say.. talent! X


    1. No talent. Just random musings. Thanks anyway.:-)

  12. This is a really well written post. I have to say that your writing far surpasses mine, and I have a lot to learn from people like you. Keep it up.

    1. We all have something or the other to learn from each other. Thank you.:-)

  13. Such amazing talent! This is fantastically well written, you are truly talented naturally!
    I recently stumbled across your blog and I LOVE it! I am your newest, most avid follower.

    Love from, THE EASTERN PEARL

    Love from, THE EASTERN PEARL

  14. Wow! Just WOW! Very well tucked into a poem.:) I am in awe,lady! Rock on \m/

    And you got drunk before an! :D

    1. So I did. I'm a freak! Ha ha...