Sunday, 8 April 2012

I too,felt like a worm...

I too,felt like a worm-

crawling up the endless glass wall.

Cold and steely,

it froze me to death.

No,no,death would be too easy.

It froze me to Silence.

I looked around-

no fellow traveller,

no companion.

Not that I needed any.

I was self-sufficient.

But alone.

Mind you,I was alone,

not lonely.

I looked around

and saw stuffed buses whooshing down R.B. connector.

I could've seen a lazy,drowsy tram too,far away,

only if I were a little taller,bigger...

and less reluctant.

But I had my own battles to fight.

So,I guess my reluctance makes sense.

I was out to collect the elixir of life.

Yes,the first time I had heard of it,

I too,thought it was funny.

But two reincarnations down the line,

I know better now.

I looked around

and saw a stream of people-

making their way through the crazy morning crowd.

Each had a destination of their own,

buried deep under the smell of rice and curry in their nails.

They won't forget.

They won't be misguided.

For they know their route.

They know it like the back of their hands.

Getting lost is a luxury only vagabonds like you and me are allowed to savour.

So,we better make sure it lasts long.

Yes,two reincarnations down the line,

I'm still stupid.

Elixir can wait.

 P.S.I don't know why I'd have these words in my mind after coming back from The Terence Lewis show that didn't look much like a disaster. Yes,people,in case you're interested,The Terence Lewis workshop is over. I didn't get what I went in for. Contemporary wasn't there much. Out of the ten classes,more than eight were spent doing Hip hop and Bollywood. Contemporary was there just for the heck of it. But then,I'm no Martha Graham. So,I guess it was a breather for me that the steps weren't tough. So,I could manage just about decently though it's been a year since I did anything except Kathak. Also,the ten days' extravaganza meant only track pants and tees for me. So,a very good friend Moumita decided to help me out with a picture of herself.

The picture is blurry though she claims her mobile camera to be of better quality than my digital camera.*Rolls her eyes*
But I must say I heart the blouse! Reminds me of the good ol' Victorian grace. I'm not a stiletto person but the red beauties are too tempting to resist!


  1. Were you stoned when you wrote this???

  2. i did send you a better quality pic! if u didn't download it properly what can I do!

  3. I really REALLY like it. One of your best. :)
    No go check out my blog! Go go! ;)

    1. I did,honey. YOU better go check the comments.:P

  4. Soumi, I really loved reading this one- you have come up with yet another heart touching poem on self expression. The last lines - " two reincarnations down the line I am still stupid, elixir can wait "-sums it all, Is not everybody like That?
    "Getting lost is a luxury only vagabonds like you and me are allowed to savour"- I agree but I am still stupid:-)

    1. Let's drink to that,Sanghamitra.:-)

  5. "I too feel like a worm..
    Mind you,I was alone,
    not lonely."
    Soumi, how, how do you do this to me every single time? Unfair really.

  6. Dreamy. Okay, am lost in words, don't know what to say cos its brilliant and I can't define. Hats off!! Love you.

    1. Love you too,sweetie! For more reasons than you might know.:-)

  7. I loved the poem. Deep down, when I'm lost in a maze of people who seem to know what they do, I quickly jot down vogons pretty much similar to these in my head. And what beautiful lines..

    "Each had a destination of their own,

    buried deep under the smell of rice and curry in their nails."

    Soumi, I'm so proud of what you've written.

    1. Thank you so much,Meher! Yes,people who are too organized and know what they are doing annoy me big time! Maybe because I still can't figure a damn thing out! The inspiration here was a newspaper editorial about a posh Delhi nursing home though.:P
      P.S. How was exam? Or is it not over yet?

  8. what a wonderful way to express yourself. thank you for sharing.