Monday, 19 March 2012

Okay,people! Sorry for being late this week. My Internet connection is a real bitch. My apologies. Now,time for my post-

All that cheers and claps were an illusion,they sure were.

For all I can feel is a pinch on my sorry ass.

I closed my eyes and opened them again.

And there it was-my life clear as a crystal.

I've been hallucinating after all.

The show is over,people.

The curtains have come down.

The orchestra has gone home,back to their respective wives/mothers.

This is what the limelight does to me.

I've got used to so much light that without the stage and the audience,it's all pitch black.

Hold my hand,O God!

Take me along!

I won't complain if your hands are icy cold.

I won't complain if your breath burns my skin.

I'll suit myself.

I need no torch.

Darkness is my mistress.

Just a hand.

Just a hand to drag me along.

Just a hand to allow me no rest.

Just a hand to flog me back to discipline when I give in to even momentary fatigue.

Why do you have to drape yourself in that silly robe?

Why do you have to hide behind the hood?

Why do you have to be so vague?

I don't quite know what to expect when you unfasten that loose string,

a shapely torso or dreamy breasts.

Allow me in,O my angel!

I'll be good.

I'll have you at your cruelest best.

I'll breath fire.

I'll drink blood.

I won't think twice before chopping the heads off the bodies.

I won't waste time,slightly bothered by my conscience because

I know killing is fun and sacred.

That's the only way you get to love a person.

Smell him,feel him,tease him.

You get to position yourself the same way he might have once allowed his lovers to.

A knowledge each of them had believed to be their own.

And better,there's no pretence.

One can't act smart just before dying.

Just allow me in,O my saint!



I'll make you proud throughout the journey.

And then,when we reach the end of the cave

and are about to see the sun,

I'll sacrifice myself,with wind and soil as my witnesses.

And we'll be united,for once and for all.



the sea.


Don't abandon me."

And this week wasn't that good but a few bloggers said that they'd be writing within the week and mail me the links after they're done. I'll put them up as soon as I get the links. Till then,allow Dark Angel to woo you with her words for the first time in Memorable March! Don't forget Sudeshna's soulful sequel. And Shiromi claims her attempt was feeble. It's up to you to judge. And last but not the least,Sanjana made it before Saturday! YAY for her!


  1. oho soumi, what did you write?? I was taken aback. This looks so real. so pure. too perfect. hats off gal. I love this.

    1. Hee hee,thanks! Credit goes to the one who had inspired me. But sadly,this train of inspirations has possibly come to an end. And I'm really honored that this inspiration was so good that you couldn't help writing! Again,the credit goes to Him though. I loved your interpretation.:-)

  2. Wow Soumi i am so speechless.
    I'd like to write something like this, someday when i get that full inspiration ur getting.

    1. WRITE,Sherene! WRITE! Inspiration will come midway.

  3. Soumi, you've outdone yourself. This was - there's no other word - so wait for it - EPIC. (Yeah, I was going for the whole Barney Stinson 'legendary' thing then changed minds midway :P)
    Well done. Truly heart wrenching.

    1. Shiromi,you're always a little too generous when it comes to my posts. But thanks anyway.:-)

  4. Very very well written!!

    Good to read you after such a long time!!

    Love! :)

  5. nice read!!!

  6. I lost track while reading the poem- because it has some hard hitting lines, I I was reading some lines which hit me on my face , then I paused and again started re-reading -I feel that you are so brave , your words so forceful, your expressions so uninhibited , really hats off to you !

    1. You're always too sweet,Sanghamitra! I was inspired.:-)

  7. Those words..ah,beautiful.. :)