Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Quick info

This one isn't a post. Just a quickie for you all who wanted to know who was doing April. So,the awesome blogger who'll be carrying the torch forward has launched her pet project finally! And what does she call it? Duh,'Awesome April'! Click here to know more.
And last but not the least,I'm trudging down the ugly route again! So,get prepared for U-G-L-Y pictures!
 Thought would give you a teaser here.

Ugly jhola. Check.
Ugly tee. Check.
Torn blue denims. Check.


  1. If this is ugly then what is beautiful ? Love reading your posts though for your unique sense of humour ! Love the jhola, t shirt,bag, jooti, bangles,wristlets, etc.etc.

  2. Nerdy glasses..I like! And this isn't ugly at all!

  3. I like ur ugly yellow slim belt, just how i love ur ugly green slim belt the other day!!!!
    If this is what u call ugly, them i wanna be ugly too:))

  4. I like that tee, and jhola. quite funky! and who says ugly? show me soumi I'll punch her right in the face! With that glass you look quite intellectual ;)

  5. You are right.Those are U>G>L>Y pics....Unique Glamorous Lovely and Young....:-D

  6. Hey!! Great to see another Kolkata blogger around! :D

    I quite like the way you'll be great to connect with you!

  7. dhYat,this wasn't fun at all! You guys don't find it ugly?:-( Maybe I'm trying too hard. Will take a break and then come back with some real ugly pictures.:P

  8. Thank you Soumi :D

    Love the belt :D