Monday, 26 March 2012

I saw the widow...

Will you hate me if I say that the cliche 'time flies in no time' doesn't sound that cliched to me any more? I can still vividly remember the  heady cocktail of nervousness,excitement and challenge I had felt on 3rd March,2012 and boom! It all comes to an end today! I'm getting old,I SO am! *Sigh*
And now,time for my post-

I saw the widow.

She saw me.

I knew her.

She knew me.

We both used to date the same person.

Only she was older.

She went on to marry him.

That's why she's a widow today.

And I'm a free bird.

She clenched her teeth.

I showed her my fist.

Her teeth were green.

My nails were black.

Black with dirt and rotten shit.

Green with pickles of envy and generous helpings of 'paan'.

I tell you it's the fight we were heading towards.

But things changed.

Do you have those moments too?

When,in the midst of a fight,

you suddenly feel the urge to strangle the other person in a passionate embrace

and kiss like a thousand vermin licking together.

That's what we felt.

She and I.

I and she.

And we fell together on the grass.

She probably smelt sweet hatred and funny contempt in my jasmine oil.

I can't honestly say I missed the overpowering revenge in her armpit.

But what made us stick to each other like the tailless dogs making love on the street,

was the secret.

We WERE each other's secret.

Bidhawbar writuchawkrey amar awnayash jaatayaat,

purnima omabawshya amar bichhanaey shutey ashey

jawkhon oder mukh bawdlatey ichchey kawrey.

Akashey amay khuNjo na kawbi,

ami paataley shaap e der shawngey ghawr kawri.

And now, for the last time,allow me to introduce my gang. For the first time,one of my most favourite bloggers Sanghamitra decided to participate! YAY! It's never too late,right? Shiromi's hazy picture,in some ways was an extension of my own days only(though I didn't cry while reading it because,well,I'm a big girl). Sanjana,being the eternal optimist she is,surprisingly managed to stay away from my very contagious negativity. And Dark Angel was the show-stealer in the first week and she's the showstopper in the final week too! She chose to explore unchartered territories SO bravely and with VERY successful results,mind you! This girl is a born star! There's no stopping her!


  1. Soumi, I loved the way you interpreted the theme. I loved the subtle humour in some lines.
    I also loved reading Dark Angel. She is so unique in her approach and talented.
    Thanks for including my post in this entry,
    take care,

    1. Oh c'mon! Don't thank me! I feel honored that you finally decided to participate!

  2. Very well written, the lines are full of meanings.

  3. Dark Angel rocked!!!!!:-) And you nailed it in yours!!!!:-D

  4. One word of sagely bad advice-turn off word does to a commentator's morale what Tusshar Kapoor's acting does to a movie....

  5. Wow! the scene took dramatic turn MAN!! If I was there I would have punched that lady cos she married my love! lol. anyways, it was too good. I see you wrote both of them together. That's brilliant in one word. Thus Memorable March Ends :( Let me know who's doing April, its so fun, I wont be able to do as cos am new to this blogging world and dont have much people! Will be waiting..Got to rock april ;)

    1. Actually I started out with the Bengali part,wanted to write a full-fledged Bengali one only but couldn't proceed beyond the four-five lines. So,went back to English and attached the Bengali attempt at the end. Shame indeed.
      P.S.Ruhani is probably doing April.:-)

  6. Congratulations to all those who made it BIG! <3


    1. Thank you for your support,Surabhi!

  7. vermin licking together? You know, it filled my minds with weird images but seriously, it's very well written:)

    1. Weird,that's me. YAY for you that you found it out so early!:-)

  8. ohh so great!
    please visit me in free time:)

    1. Sure I will. Thank you for visiting!:-)