Friday, 29 June 2012

Joint overdose and animal prints

I'll fight for legalising marijuana until it kills me.
I love poison.
Blue is my favourite colour.
So is pink.
And white too.
But I don't like weddings.
They're so pretentious!
And I'm too pretentious to make peace with pretence!

I hope you're having fun.
I really do.
Pack some seashells for me
for I'm going to make my own sea down here.

You're not welcome,
nobody is.
I won't wear bikinis,
I got cellulite thigh.
Or maybe I'll.
Will just throw a sarong over.

Stay away because I'm highly contagious,
stay away because I'm fucking broke,
stay away because I'm drunk,
stay away because I don't exist.

Words are all that will stay with you.
I'll be off,soon.
Don't bother looking for me
because I'll be talking to the moon.

Dress worn as a blouse and sling-B.K.Market,White denims and blazer-Simpark Mall,pumps-Shreeram Arcade,watch-vintage,owl pendant-gifted

Bestie's b'day made me wake up at 7 a.m.(on my own,with adequate help from mobile alarms of course) and change into my one and only animal print dress. This time I wore it as a top since we had plans for the whole day and comfort was on the top of my checklist. We watched Spider man in the morning(it's SO NOT amazing,trust me),went to China Town for a sumptuous lunch and then came back to my room for a good ol' adda session. Movie and lunch meant AC. So,thought would try layering after almost three months! Animal prints can go horribly wrong with gold jewellery if not done properly. And since I'm no animal print pro,decided to team it with a contrasting silver instead. The sling is a new buy and an absolute favourite! I was almost happy.


  1. Everything is so "you"- the poem, the look and the post. nice meeting you, once again. and hoping to see you more often :-)
    have a nice day !

    1. Yeah,that's something even I've noticed. Everything I do is about myself. It bothers me a little. I'd die to see you Sanghamitra! But you don't come for the blogger meets!:-(

    2. "About You " in a good way ! I was meaning your uniqueness. , celebrate it.
      I appreciate it -
      Just like my posts are "about me" :-)

    3. Ah,well,thanks then.:D

  2. I have a cellulite at my thighs, and like u i dont care about it too.

  3. hahah. Yes, only you can write like this. That is why I like you. And you look all stylish and all in this one!

  4. You look so pretty..your nail color just awesome..! you teamed it up white so well..your look kida a gives me cool effect!

    your newest follower :)

    Please checkout my blog Nail Art Hues and please follow if you like,it means so much to me :)

  5. Replies
    1. Almost in enough. Almost always.

  6. Like your green nails!
    Plus you just gave me the idea of tucking a dress into pants as a top!


    Shubhi's Revels!

  7. Ok your 'about me' is really cool:D

    And if your'e 21, maybe you are done with engineering and frustrated with life just like me...are you?

    PS:Check out my blog too:)

    Shubhi's Revels!

  8. I love that sling bag so much...where is that B-k Market!!
    You and your besties always sound super fun loving gals around!!

    Trendzy street Animal Print Bag Giveaway!!

    1. B.K.Market is in Kolkata,near Shakespeare Sarani.:-)

  9. awesome poem and awesome you...kisses !

    Bong's Belleza

  10. marijuana ftw!!!
    love the look..i hate how this heat doesn't let us layer on like crazy!i heard how it was not amazing at all but the reviews are good to mix...haha!