Tuesday, 19 June 2012

I'm strong...

I'm strong.
It's just that I like to play docile.
It's the girl in me.
I want to come to your bed wearing pink lingerie and put you to sleep.
I won't sing lullabies.
I'll give you a blow job instead.
A friend of mine told me just the other day that he has never experienced a blow job.
I don't feel bad for him because I don't love him as much as I should.
Or maybe I do.
I'm just indifferent.

I don't want to be a poet.
Poets are pretentious people with greasy hair and hairy chest.
And they go for vacations.
They live in a make-believe world and make you believe in it.
You're the only one being cheated,really.

Poetry is dangerous.
It flows in your blood and you can never get rid of it.
Spines crack and jaws hurt.

Crazy reality check,huh?
Don't feel bad.
We've all been there,done that.
Some stayed back,some didn't.

I don't want to sleep with you,soldier.
Your uniform stinks.
I'd pour you a drink and then watch you masturbate instead.
I won't give you the bed though.
You'll be on the floor-crying out
while I sleep peacefully.
Sounds don't bother me because I'm drunk.

 If that wasn't insane enough to make you leave the page,well,I love you too. So,here goes a picture for you! It was taken during one of my shopping trips. It was raining. So,I HAD TO wear skirts or shorts. This one has been lying unused for a month or so. So,decided to wear it. The blouse was a gift from my aunt and it's almost four-year old! And as far as the background is concerned,well,my love for my shoes is well-known. It's been a few months since I bought my last pair of shoes. So,thought they deserved a special treatment.

Skirt-New Market,blouse-Metro Plaza,kolhapuris-Shreeram Arcade,sling-Emami,watch-vintage


  1. loving the skirt, soums :)

  2. Soumi loved the skirt....and loved your hair cut....seems you had a makeover !! ;)

    1. Not really. Just got a hair cut. That's all. How have you been? After freakin' awesome b'day?:D

  3. omg!!u look so pretty!!! hehe :)

    1. And you're sweet,Sanjana.:-)
      How are e-modules,huh?;-)

  4. Oh how i love this!!!
    Speaking of pink lingerie and blow jobs, ur one of a kind darling:))
    I like ur skirts and the details of ur top, chic with nice curly hair.

  5. I love the kolhapuris and the watch. For watches, books and shoes are all that I choose myself while I'm shopping. Others, I don't even know what suits me and what doesn't. The rest, Mum is handed the charge of. =)

    1. I want to be your mum. I love shopping for myself as well as for others!:D

  6. I am impressed with your not-a-poetry piece !!!

  7. You might be strong, but you are beautiful too ;) nice outfit!

  8. Just a little insane :) thank you for the sweet words :*

    / Avy

  9. uh!that look i love!and that poem made me go "wait..what?"

  10. Gosh some not-a-poem that was :p but at least it was honest.. most ppl would shy away.. anyways the outfit was pretty too :) am following you now.. check out my blog too :)

    take care

  11. I am in love with your skirt.... Wow and you have a pretty smile